Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus Groups


A focus group is a research technique done in a qualitative manner by industries for marketing purposes. It is characterized by few members which ranges from about six to 12, from within a industry’s target market.

This research technique is done by allowing each member of the group to share their opinions, criticisms and other feedback about the experience by answering similar questions asked by the interviewer.


Focus group is carried out at situations like

1. When you are thinking of starting a new business that you don’t know about

2. When you want to restructure a marketing strategy that needs to be worked upon

3. When you are about to grow a new idea, product or service and you want different people to be involved during the development stage.

4. When you are find it difficult to collect sufficient data from other marketing research methods

5. When there is a communication bridge between your business and your target market



Focus group is one brilliant way for getting information from your target market when you wouldn’t have gotten it normally if you had gone through other channels.

Below are some of the advantages of focus group ;

1. People tend to be truthful in their replies when you ask them questions directly , therefore focus groups helps to get candid answers when questions are being asked.

2. Focus groups helps to make participants to be free when answering questions because of the company they keep together while discussing.

3. Via focus groups you can get the answers you need by just observing the body language of the participants and also their body languages.

4. With focus groups you have the opportunity to get the views and input of people from different backgrounds as it relates to the topic of discuss.


Although focus groups have good attributes, they also have their negative effect.

Below are some of the cons of Focus groups

1. Although focus groups are very effective, finding enough people to participate in the exercise can be difficult to come by sometimes.

2. A focus group is usually expensive to organize and it’s also cost intensive. It takes time and a lot of resources to organize the meeting from planning the overall process, finding participants and other factors.

3. Focus groups can be difficult to run if you want to delegate the co-ordination of the business to a moderator.

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