5 Tips on being a Freelancer as a college student


Having a freelancer is a perfect opportunity for learning, paying for your education and at the same time gaining some job experience.

For a person with several responsibilities and a desire for stability, a freelancer as a career may not be the best option but it is one of the best low cost business ideas as a college student.

The main advantages of freelancing are planning your own schedule, getting paid, having time for yourself …. If only it was that easy.

The hardest thing when it comes to new activities is to start them.

Knowing this, we have gathered some tips from college students who have part-time jobs to make your entry into being a freelancer easier.

1. Create a Frerlancer college student brand

Social media is the principal tool you should use to show yourself to the world.

Fortunately, both Generation Z and Millennials know how to use their profiles to meet new people, experience the world, and enable potential employers to discover. Make use of LinkedIn, Facebook , Instagram and.

Start your own Youtube channel, make your own Snapchat filter and remember that this is the communications future and if you want people to notice you — create your brand online!

2. Learn how to put your skill set out there

Various work openings can be found on various platforms. If you live while in college with your parents, you can ask them to help you find a job as a baby-sitter.

You may ask your neighbors if they need any help with their lawns or pools.

You just need an opportunity without too much risk to sell your things to anyone.

That gives you the requisite practice to sell your skills. This way, when you start freelancing online, you can communicate effectively what you are delivering.

This will build trust with your potential customers and increase your self-confidence while at college.

Stay aware of your surroundings and remember that almost every activity starts online in the 21st century.

3. Signup on Freelance platforms

To all those who want to work over the internet, this is a “must.” Today there are plenty of freelancing sites for various work.

It’s not all platforms that are as easy to get into though.

These freelance job sites take your identity seriously because they do not want fake accounts bidding on jobs.

To sign up, you will need to build an account and choose a payment option.

Supplementary verification can be necessary depending on which freelance platform you select.

In addition, you will take the time to develop yourself a consistent profile that reflects your expertise, strengths and relevant experience.

4. Get your First project done

To most freelancers in the creative sphere, the toughest and most demotivational aspect is the portfolio they need to start working on well-paid projects.

The most difficult part as a college student when it comes to starting out as a freelancer working from home is having your first project finished.

Reduce your fee, do the most interesting of your first projects for free, make your own artistic pieces and add them all to your portfolio.

This way, the quality of your work can be seen by many people as you build up some experience in serving clients.

You’ll have plenty to give your potential employers when you get to work on different projects.

5. Place value in yourself

You can set overly low prices for your work as a newcomer for whom having those precious first orders is more important than money.

Once you get your first job offers, start evaluating the competition and the salaries.

You may want to charge more for your time on platforms like Rapid Essay. Many of the office workers don’t like freelancers competing in terms of pay.

Yet it’s not all about Karma. It is literally illogical to set the low prices when you can ask for more.

In Summary

Opportunities in the modern world are abundant! Any college student can sign up for an online freelancer website and start making money.

Start self-employment by building your own brand and choosing what you stand for.

That conscious decision is setting up who you are as a business. Then, you can sell your skills and services to practice.

Sign up for a freelancing platform afterwards, and check your account.

Create your profile, and get some positive feedback.

You should be able to charge a good amount for your online services before you know it.

You could also make a full time salary while you ‘re still working in school.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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