Hankerchief business in Nigeria

Hankerchief business in Nigeria: How to make money from it


Hankerchief business in Nigeria: How to start a handkerchief business with a small capital in Nigeria and make big profits from it is what I will be addressing in today’s post.

I imagine you saw some guys selling traffic handkerchief and hand towels and you wondered how they’re making business profits.

You are wondering whether the company is worth it, or if it is a complete waste of time.

Ok, the first thing I want you to know is if this company doesn’t make profits for these sellers they won’t be wasting their money and time on traffic sales.

They make money from this sector which is why we still see handkerchief sellers in Nigeria’s traffic and common markets till today.

Not only will I teach you in this article how to start this business with small capital, but I will also teach you how to hire young men and women who will sell handkerchief for you.

Now, let ‘s start with the subject at hand.


As we all know, Nigeria is experiencing a very hot climate, especially now because of climate change.

Cool because it is still cool even even during rainy seasons when rain doesn’t fall.

Therefore having the need for people in Nigeria to have handkerchiefs in their pockets or bags anywhere they go on their skins to dry sweats and to keep cool.

Throughout Nigeria, the handkerchief is also often useful for other purposes.

What are they?

  • To cover the nose when removing road dust.
  • To shield the eyes and cleanse the skin from the sun’s rays.

Across Nigeria today, it is rear to see an ordinary Nigerian leaving his or her home without bringing along a handkerchief.

We will buy in traffic or from frequent vendors around them if he or she forgets their handkerchief in the house.

Of this reason, in Nigeria, handkerchief business is a lucrative business despite the fact that it requires a small capital to start it.

How to start an Hankerchief business in Nigeria

1. Approach Differently

For every business in Nigeria one of the best ways to succeed is to bring something new to the table. There are many young people only starting a business in Nigeria without thinking about it.

I see a friend launching a YouTube channel and they want to start a YouTube channel already making money from it too.

I recall a couple of years ago when telephone call business center also started almost every unemployed youth in Nigeria then went into the company and destroyed the company before it could even float.

I’m not saying you’re not supposed to start any business in Nigeria , particularly when you see your mates starting and making profits from it.


All I’m saying here is “what do you bring different things to the table? How do you have plans to do differently from the others?

Just don’t continue! This approach is popularly regarded as the self acclaimed marketing edge

When it comes to starting a handkerchief company in Nigeria, developing your own marketing edge is very critical.

For example: Selling quality handkerchiefs in this business is one of the marketing edges that will make you attract more customers and give you more income.

It is because from what I’ve seen so far, it’s fair to say that 80% of the handkerchiefs and hand towels sold in traffic in Nigeria are fakes.

And if you go the extra mile to buy and sell original handkerchiefs, you can make more profit.

In this company another way of thinking differently is to sell your handkerchiefs to the retailers instead of entering the retailer’s team.

I ‘m thinking here about you selling to the guys who sell in traffic instead of selling in town.

2. Getting Capital for your Hankerchief business in Nigeria

After figuring out how to enter the market the next step here is to get the capital you need to start the company.

As I said earlier you don’t need a lot of capital to start a handkerchief business in Nigeria so you can rest assured it’s going to be fast.

The breakdown here – what I term the schematics. In Nigeria you can start a handkerchief business with about # 20,000.

You can even start with capital below this as long as you are always ready to invest the returned profits into the business to grow the business.

Yet to make the market hustle-free you’ll need a # 20,000 or more money to buy these handkerchiefs at wholesale.

If the price of a handkerchief pack is, by the way, between N600 – N800, you will make a profit of # 400 – # 600 from a single pack for # 1,000 – # 1200, if you sell it yourself and less (# 300 – # 500), if people sell it for you.

3. Take them to the Market

After raising the capital needed to start your handkerchief company in Nigeria, you should take the next step to buy your handkerchiefs on the market.

But first I have to say here you shouldn’t be in a hurry when doing this. Being in a rush will encourage you to purchase the wrong handkerchief items, so please take your time first.

Take your time to check out all the items on the market around you for handkerchief – find the best before you purchase.

The ability to do this effectively will take you to the market for more than 2 trips but it is worth it.

You can take it home after buying your handkerchiefs on the market and now start the next step, which is to get boys to sell these handkerchiefs in traffic for you.

4. Hire people to sell for them for you in Traffic

You have to be careful when it comes to recruiting guys who can sell those handkerchiefs.

You can pay them salaries so you can pay them commission only so you need to be smart. Remember you ‘re running a company here, not a charity.

All you need to think about is purchasing from you these handkerchiefs and still being able to sell it easily in order to buy more.

You should slash your selling price by # 100 to inspire them to buy handkerchiefs from you.

It means you’ll make at least a minimum of # 200 and a maximum of # 400 per every handkerchief pack they buy from you.

5. Go online with your hankerchief business in Nigeria

Aside from selling your handkerchiefs in Nigeria traffic there are other ways or sites you can sell your handkerchiefs and one of those sites is online sales.

Yes, you can sell your handkerchiefs in famous Nigerian e-commerce stores such as Konga, Jumia, and Jiji too.

Nigerians buy their handkerchiefs in packs online. What you have to do is take the pictures of these handkerchiefs and post them as a seller and the deal will be completed.

You’ll start selling these handkerchiefs.

In Summary

Handkerchief business in Nigeria may not automatically be like any other business in Nigeria but it’s certainly a business that will make you money as long as you’re diligent and resilient enough.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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