Have you ever seen anyone who doesn’t want to be rich ? I doubt that because even the so-called rich wants to be more rich.

We watch different tv shows, movies and so on, examples like who wants to be a millionaire ? ,Billion dollar buyer or shark tank. You see then how people crave to get rich. That shows the importance of this post.

We see that we just can’t keep our minds off money but why is it that people still live in penury in-spite of this zeal to be rich ?

Well the simple answer is that to be rich and grow in wealth, you have to trade your time, money and other resources well because if you do not, you definitely won’t be able to control wealth.

In the journey of getting rich, investment will definitely come into the picture, therefore you need to get abreast with some basic investment terms if you want to get the best out of it.


  1. STOCK : A stock is like an equity i.e you own a share of the ownership of the company. The more stock you have, the more ownership stake you have in the company.

Some of the other things to take note of about stocks is that stock values can fluctuate which means that their values can go up or go down. This feature is one of the things that makes investing interesting to most investors.

To enjoy stock investment, you need to be very patient as going long-term with your stocks will go along way in determining the amount you will gain at the end.

2. MUTUAL FUND: A mutual fund is just a collation of money from a group of investors to purchase stocks, bonds or other securities.

3. DIVIDEND : This is a passive way of making money. When a company makes money, portions of it goes to its shareholders as dividends. Although not all companies do this.

The earlier you start investing, the better is it for you because you are investing into your future indirectly. Do not procrastinate, tomorrow might be just too late for that.


  1. START SMALL : I know how it feels to entrust your hard-erned money to some stock broker. Its fine to feel that way, one thing you can do is to test the waters little by little i.e invest cent wise.

There are some financial apps that can help you out when trying to invest as low as $0.01, an example is Acrons.

Acrons helps to invest any extra change . It helps to round up to every closest dollar for every credit card purchase and invest the difference, It’s so cool.


When making investment, there are things to look out for before commiting into them, one of them is to be aware of the investment fee.

Although you need to be cautious when making these investments, there are services that do those checks for you. A very good example is BLOOOM.

BLOOOM is an investment manager that helps you analyse your investments, it has the capacity to detect hidden fees.


Some authentic investment platforms are as shown below.

  • Motley Fool
  • Swell investing
  • lending club


Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services company that is aimed at providing financial advice for investors through a series of stock, investing and personal finance services.

Let’s look at why you should consider using motley fool

  • You get access to latest recommendations and stock picks from experienced and well informed minds.
  • You get opportuned to join a moving international community of like minded investors who are always eager to help others experience financial success.


This form of investing takes a unique approach in that they help you invest in high growing companies solving global challenges.

Swell also helps you minimise your tax as best as possible

One of the first things you’ll have to do is to set up your account. You can choose from either a traditional brokerage account or a retirement account.

Then you can select the portfolio of your choice,while doing that , you can pick from six thematic portfolio and create your swell investment mix.

Below are the six portfolio to pick from

  • Green Technology
  • Zero waste
  • Clean water
  • Renewable energy
  • Disease eradication
  • Healthy living


Lending club is another investment platform where your money goes as loans to other people which will enable them get out of debt, start a business and so on.

Just so you know, your money isn’t going anywhere instead it’ll be growing really fast.


Just as a wise man once said, the greatest investment one can do is on one’s self.

Investment is not just putting your money into different channels and expecting them to mature, sometimes investment could me learning a skill, taking a class. These additional skills should be able to earn you money in the long run.

The idea behind investing in multiple channels both cash-wise and skill-wise is so that if a particular channel isn’t giving you as much money as you desire you can complement it from the other sources.

In this day and age, there are numerous ways of investing in yourself, i will be listing and explaining a few here.

  • Start a blog
  • Engage in flipping items
  • Become a virtual assistant


Starting a blog is a very brilliant idea because its one good way to invest in yourself in a lot of areas.

At the start of it, you may not have any traffic or you may not even have the financial strength to buy some certain subscriptions but the one thing to do is just start.

To own a blog, you have to have a website which is very easy to create. A good platform to create one is through WordPress, you can get your domain name and host it on WordPress through a company called Namecheap.

You then need to start putting your website through seo processes, email marketing and so on to gain more traffic and earn money.


The idea is really simple, its just about finding something that you can resell to make profit.

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners engage in this art and are super rich just by following the laws around it.

One of the most important lawsa around flipping items, if not the most important is that you must buy low and sell high.


It has been said that an average virtual assistant earns about $35-$50 per hour but really good ones earn about $100 per hour.

There has been an increasingly high demand for virtual assistants over the last couple of years in areas like social media manager, content editor and so on.

You can now see that you can actually become rich and grow in wealth but by investing your time, money and other resources wisely.


Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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