How to boost the branding of your financial advisory firm


You may face challenges when it comes to marketing your business if you are a financial advisor

There are many resources out there that guarantee the ads will be streamlined and simplified. Yet the problems will not be solved by automation alone.

That’s because the consulting business needs a confidence-building rate that literally cannot be automated.

Your outreach ends up ineffective when you try to automate everything.

I should be aware that, by using the exact strategies, I’ve used personally to grow my advisory business in three years from $0 to 60 million for assets under management, I helped hundreds of financial advisors improve their marketing techniques.

Such approaches use software to create human relationships more efficiently and not to automate interaction with prospective customers.

1. Make videos in prospects for drawing.

The combination of seeing your face and listening to your voice means that your relationship with potential clients is deeper than you can through other mediums. Video is an immense opportunity for financial advisers.

For a business like ours, it makes it invaluable dependent on partnerships. During the marketing and sales process, you have to invest in sequenced and timely images.

You must have seen yourself on camera at least once, before a prospect steps in the house.

For businesses which has relationships, this makes it invaluable. During the marketing and sales process you will invest in well-sequenced, timely videos.

You must see yourself on video at least once before a prospect walks through the door.

You may want to outsource the process completely if you work with larger clients.

External video production may be more costly in dollar terms, but this investment may be prudent in view of the high value requirements in your time.

You will enjoy spending time on actually story boarding the contents if you have never done a video before and recording it for your first few clips — whatever size business you are.

It helps you to understand the process more quickly so that you can outsource it later.

2. Invest in ads on Facebook

Facebook gives you the ability to hit virtually every target audience you want. And now, Facebook’s video ads are affordable.

This helps you to face most different markets (for example, people with specific jobs and industry titles) and specific geographical areas for relatively little money.

For example, for less than $2,000, I’ve gotten over 10,000 people to watch full videos explaining me and my services.

You can create individual audiences from the people who view your material and then serve valuable offers – such as free consultations or lead magnets – that will bring you into your sales funnel.

Like many intelligent marketing strategies, this strategy is concerned with solving problems.

The advertisements need to demonstrate who you are, who you are representing and how you can solve real problems in the financial lives of your viewers.

This is an incredible opportunity for consultants who wish to learn or collaborate with an expert to reach large, knowledgeable audience with a deeply private and accessible outlook.

3. Use LinkedIn for the benefit of organic reach.

LinkedIn is a third major advisor marketing opportunity.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn lets you target people based on the name and geography of their work. For example, you can easily find them on LinkedIn if you focus on a niche such as plastic surgeons.

Once you do, you will link with them free of charge, and then share content that they will see in their feed. If your content is sufficiently valuable, these highly qualified prospects will interact with it, generating substantial organic scope.

For example, imagine connecting your area with 50% of plastic surgeons. You can then share videos, posts, or other content that are highly relevant and problem-specific.

You will become a trustworthy asset for them following a few months of delivers valuable content to your ideal goal prospects.

Instead you publish valuable information. You will be able to get back in touch with them after a couple of months of giving.

Then you can ask them whether it is useful to arrange a call or meeting in order to find out how their financial problems can be solved.


Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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