How to build a productive company culture


Establishing a productive company culture is one of the backbones of success in business, this alone sets the pace for upcoming employees to follow.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin amd in this article i will be sharing with you on 4 ways to create and build a productive company culture.

At the start of every business, you need to set up a couple of things like a pattern in which things should be done.

If you already have an ongoing business, you then need to know the culture your business is currently operating on then try to see different ways to improve on that in terms of what you can add, what to improve on and what to drop off.

Below are the steps for creating a productive company culture

1. Accept your culture for what it is.

In a view to building a sustainable business culture, you need to first accept what you have presently.

You cannot build anything without a foundation, start with ahat you have.

Don’t just take any value and use just because it sounds good or pleasing to the ears instead pick values that are realistic and each ofnthose values should mean a significance in achieving your business goals and vision.

Many at times when trying to accept the business for what it is, it is just too difficult because of the possible values that is being portrayed.

What you need do is to while you accept it try to also understand it and pick out the odd ones out to see how best you can refine it for the better.

2. Understand the details of your culture and goals

As much as it is important to accept your culture, it is more important to understand the details of it.

Ask questions whenever you are not sure about some things to fully understand why things are been done the way they are done.

Also, you need to understand how your company’s culture affects the running of your business in terms of it’s positive and negative effects.

3. Make necessary arrangements for the culture you want to see

As you journey through your business and have observed the trend of things and how activities are being carried out, you would have had your personal reservations for a couple of the practice carried out by the company.

Having done this, you then need to know how to approach your business partners and employees so as to effect the changes you feel should be implemented.

Give them reasons why it should be changed and one way to make them believe you and follow you is if you spearhead it and there are results coming in.

One way to help you when making such decisions is to observe trends in your market space, understanding customer’s needs, employees needs among others.


4. Be action prone

As much as plans look good on paper, it is more important to see that you are actively taking steps to ensuring that your plans are brought to fruition in the practical sense.

Going through the first 3 steps as outlined above will give you an insight into what you need to do in terms of accepting your present practices then understanding it’s details and also to make necessary plans for the change you wish to see in your company.

After you have gone through those stages as stated in the previous paragraph, then you will require the necessary tools to effect that into action.

You need to keep something in mind and that thing is that you will always have to change your culture as time runs by.

You can run on the same policy for a long time in this present changing and revolving world.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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