How To Make Your Business Card A Good Marketing Tool


Many at times we hand over tiny pieces of cards to our customers telling them about the business in a casual way. We personally have lots of business card samples in our drawers with seemingly not significance to us.

What we fail to understand is the fact that those business cards can go a long way into marketing our businesses for us, in fact it could be our best marketing tool.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be showing you how to make a good marketing tool out of business cards.

Before i go into the details of the how’s, you must first understand that you need to see that business card as more than just a paper, that’s how you generate value for it and then appreciate it’s power.

To make the best out of business cards as a great marketing tool, here are the how’s.

The first how is to


As a business person, you need to understand the value of your business cards but also note that multi-task cards tend to perform better than business cards therefore why not turn your business cards into bookmarks, stickers,scratch cards so that as people begin to relate with the seemingly “bookmarks”, “scratch cards”, “stickers “, they will also start relating with your business.

The second thing to do is to


When i said track your card , i mean you can always place some sort of code on it like a QR code.

Whenever your cards are handed out, you will give them an incentive like a coupon or a discount on your products once they check your business out either through your website or through social media and the code will be what will be used to claim the prize.

Through this approach,  you can measure how your clients relate with your business cards and how they in turn get converted to products.

The third thing to do is to


This Is about surprising people, making them thrilled as they go through your card.

The whole idea is to get their attention while they read your business card,it’s all about thinking of something challenging  basically. It’s as simple as you can imagine.

The fourth thing to do is to


This is only what most clients wants to see in your card that will make them use your product or service. This is what i mean, when you make some of your clients use your product or services, you can take a feeback on their satisfaction. This feedback will then be used to market and also make other potential clients to be assured of the best when using your product.

The fifth thing to do is to


This is a subtle and very effective way to draw customers to your business. Most businesses move with social trends nowadays therefore including a phrase on your business card such as ” making a better nation ” can make a client interested in your business as he or she wants to know how the nation for example can be made better through your business.

The sixth thing to do is to


When making your business card, do not just put all the necessary detail and leave out the part where you add a picture, let the customer know that they are going to be relating with a human being and not some robot or fraud.

This singular technique guarantees the authenticity of your business and also makes it legit since your customers can identify with the picture.

The seventh thing to do is to


When trying to discuss with a potential client, be sure to ask few questions about what he or she hope to get while using your product or service, and after the conversation, be sure to hand your business card off to that client and reiterating the value the client will enjoy while patronising your business.

I know you have learnt a couple of tips to use, be sure to engage them and i’m sure of your positive results.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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