How to market effectively to Millennials


‍If your company has yet to develop a strategy that targets millennial consumers, then a major component of its target audience will be overlooked.

After baby boomers, Millennials are the second largest generation in the U.S. It is expected that they will soon surpass the older generation as they continue to grow and form a majority of the buyer’s market.

A purchasing power often grows as a numbers increase. The more you are familiar with this particular demographic of people, the simpler it will be to target them and give them what they want to thrive in your company.

Millennial consumers are different from their predecessors because they grew up with technology, go further in their education, and promote diversity. Instead of choosing the first option, their buying practices align more closely with their connection to a brand and reputation.

Because there are so many social, political, and technical disparities between millennials and the generations before them, marketing with these gaps in mind is critical to companies.

Of starters, if you’re going to appeal to a millennial buyer the same way you’d sell to a baby boomer, you won’t have a lot of them with you.

Since they make up a large part of the consumer audience, the company needs to learn more about them if it’s going to generate revenue, create brand awareness, collect leads, and more.

1. Use your social media accounts

You need to be active on social media if you’re going to reach millennial customers. Wherever you want to go, everywhere they hang out, and since 98 percent of millennials own a device, it’s the ideal way to effectively promote them.

To be effective in your marketing efforts, you first need to build confidence in this audience. You can’t convince them to enter your company, buy your products, or join your email list without it. With so many options, millennials are picky on who they’re purchasing from. Now, you have to persuade them to choose you.

It is important that your business is not distributed too thinly and that you try to manage any social networking account available. You are good to go as long as you are on the same platforms where they are involved. You need to develop marketing strategies that cater to them if you want to catch their attention.

It group does not operate for outbound marketing practices, because they tend to build relationships with the companies they believe in. Through social media you can start building relationships. Reply to posts in which you are tagged. To keep up with the latest conversations surrounding your brand, follow relevant industry hashtags. Through brand recognition regularly to comment.

2. Feature content generated by the user

Millennial buyers want to know that other people like them enjoy their investments and are pragmatic. They feel uncertain about buying something they may not like or use without reassurance.

We are more willing than the company itself to follow the opinions of colleagues, relatives, and even strangers. That’s why when selling with millennials, incorporating user-generated content to your marketing strategy works.

Content created by consumers is anything that customers themselves develop which demonstrates them how to use or appreciate their products and services. Once posted online, it helps spread the word and encourage others to try out your company in your target audience.

If you want to build and encourage user-generated content for your product for your community, then carry the idea to life across different channels.

Using social media, the blog, and email to invite clients to build user-generated content and mark you while uploading it. You may take it a step further and build a branded hashtag that makes it easy for users to see all the content in a similar keyword.

3. Implementing higher values

Between e-commerce advertising and new businesses growing around the world, consumers have more than enough choices to make. Making a quality product is not enough in today’s marketing world to catch consumer interest and guide them through the selling funnel. If you want to turn them into consumers effectively, the business needs values.

Give a good enough argument for millennial customers to do business with you over your rivals. The additional incentive strengthens their decision to go through the checkout and makes them more comfortable.

Approximately 50% of millennials will purchase from a company to help a good cause. We want to develop business relationships that think about important issues and use their energy for the greater good. With more emphasis on climate change, homelessness, and reserve capital, millennials are looking to buy products that are giving back to their neighborhoods and encouraging positive change.

When marketing to millennial consumers, there are several things to consider. Millennials are different from the generations before them, which makes advertising the way millennials want to be sold to them relevant.

With so many choices that they can conveniently choose from, you need to give them arguments why they should select you. If you’re expressing higher values, quality customer support and active engagement through social platforms, you’re sure to get their attention and make them paying customers.

4. Provide flawless customer support

They want speedy support that provides solutions when millennials face a problem with your business. At the very least, as more than just their customers, they want to know that you hear them out and care about them.

Proactively, young customers tend to spend money on products who serve them well. You have to deliver good, quick customer support if you want them to keep coming back.

It is your duty to respond promptly wherever you leave questions, concerns or comments. Companies ‘ average response time is 12 hours, much longer than the one-hour time-frame expected by customers. If you don’t deliver as expected, you’re not going to bring in as many conversions.

You will boost the service of your consumer by:

  • Accelerate response times
  • Use of auto-responders via email
  • Speaking by name to customers

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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