How to select the kind of Restaurant Business you want


Deciding the kind of restaurant business to venture into as an entrepreneur whose interest is in the food industry can be quite challenging due to the volume different variety present to explore.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be talking to you about how to select the kind of restaurant business you are interested in.

To select the kind of restaurant business you want, you need to understand the various types that are available.

The various types that are available includes :

1. Fast casual

If you are looking for an expensive set up and running of business, fast casual is what you should think about. It’s like an upgrade of fast food business.

In a fast casual business, you need to understand that the dishes used to serve the customers are disposable due to the name the type of restaurant is given -fast casual.

One important feature of most fast casual restaurants is that they are prominent in open kitchens which means thet they customers can see their foods when it’s being prepared.

2. Fine dining

This concept brings to bear images of various kinds and they offer one of the best forms of treatment in terms of food, services and the environment itself.

If your aim is to operate this type of restaurant then you must have the cash to do so because this kind needs a lot of monetary investment to be put into it.

3. Family style

In the united states, this is a very casual set up which is relatively on the average in terms of the prices.

The themes could vary depending on the preference of the coordinators, themes like barbecue, Mexican and so on.

This type of restaurant ensures that as much as they offer table side services and non disposable dishes, they make their services affordable .

4. Bistro or Café

A café is a restaurant set up in which you as a customer goes to get something by yourself without any table service . In a café, you can get a series of menu such as coffee, pasties and so on.

One other thing commonly known to cafés is the outdoor view and chill the customer gets to experience .

A bistro on the other hand is also similar to a café, it’s just the variety of menu offered in those places that differ.

In a café, you can get some basic things like coffee and the likes but in a bistro, it’s more than that. You can get a whole lot more than that.

5. Food truck

Food trucks are gradually takong the limelight in the food industry most expecially because of their mobility.

As a food truck owner, you don’t have to worry too much about the costs and overhead because you literally have don’t have to pay for most things other restaurant types pay. For example, rent, light, water and so on.

As a food truck owner especially if the truck is owned by you, you are totally free from those costs. The only thing to acquire is probably permits to sell in certain locations.

It also makes room for them to build their brand without having to spend too much on paid advertising when they can go everywhere with their posters on them and as people see it, it gives the business some kind of authority and popularity in the long run.

6. Fast food

Fast foods are by far one of the most prominent type of restaurant in the food industry mostly as a result of the impact of big time business that have an history in that line.

Businesses like McDonald’s and Burger Kings which became popular around the mid 20th century and in the process paved the way for other big time businesses like KFC among others.

One major trademark of fast foods is the speed and relatively affordable prices that it offers.

Having read 6 types of restaurants, i’m sure you can easily pick the one suitable to you to handle.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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