How to start a Scrap Metal Recycling Business.


Scrap metal recycling is one of the most neglected activities people engage in because they really don’t know the value and how it can turn into a business for them.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this article i will be explaining to you what to know before starting a scrap metal recycling business.

Before starting this kind of business, you need to understand what it entails so as to get a better picture of what it is about and also what to expect.

Let’s understand what scrap metal recycling is

Scrap metal recycling is the process of recovering scrap metals from their end lives and processing them into useful products.

Most of these metals don’t degrade in properties after they have been recycled.

When talking about metal scraps, it is important to understand the types of metals that are available in this regard. These metals include the ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The ferrous metal which is gotten from iron connotes the presence of iron in the metals while the nonferrous metals are metals that don’t have any component of iron in it for example copper, zinc and so on.

How does the process go?

This recycling process has to do with first gathering the scraps, you can get the scraps from yards and offer them for sale.

You can then sort the metals, shred them if need be, melt them and prepare them for shipping. To prevent the metal from being contaminated due to reactions with it’s exposed parts.

Why should you go about recycling?

In this present day and age where resources are limited in supply, recycling used metals can come in handy when trying cut cost in terms of getting new metal materials.

This process also helps to reduce the energy consumption rates.

Most metals require a very high amount of energy for them to be made and these can cost a lot of money to set up but having to recycle these metals will help save both energy and money.

For you to start a metal scrap recycling business, you need to understand how big it’s potential is.

With regards to the volume, it was reported in the US by a body termed ISRI that about 67 millions metric tons worth of ferrous metals were recycled.

There are great monetary values to be harnessed from these metals (ferrous and nonferrous) in terms of millions of dollars especially from the non-ferrous ones.


How to increase your recycling rates?

  • Using product design that makes shredding and material selection easier.
  • Stepping up the activities associated with managing the unsed metals and rebranding equipment for complex end-of-life products in growing countries and growing economies.
  • In advanced countries, addressing the fact that many metal-embedded products are being used in places likes table drawers and closets and others, such as mobile phones, are all too often disposed off in the trash.
  • The present improvement of bring back to life technologies and collection platforms to keep in track with newly refined products made with an ever growing different lines of metals and alloys.

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