How to stay above your Finances and Mental health


Your finances and your mental health often are linked. When you feel pissed off, it might be even harder to manage your finances and, in effect, thinking about money could influence your well-being.

Poor mental health implies that you feel stressed, unhappy and hard to deal with everyday life. Of various reasons-grief, loneliness, health problems, marriage pain, work problems and money troubles-this can be done to everyone. Or for no cause whatsoever.

How bad mental health can influence how money is handled

It can affect your finances when your mental health is low, which will make you more anxious. You can spend money not on non-essential items, and later regret it. You may be anxious to make money decisions, so avoid them. You can think about stuff you have to do.

How to keep up with your finances when you’re down

  • If you have trouble opening up your accounts, assign someone close you to take care of your mail.
  • Try to ignore creditors if you have a loan or debt – only continue chasing, but you might have some room to speak to them.
  • When you sound like that, speak to the customer service department of your bank / utility provider. More and more companies educate their employees to help people with poor mental health. It can allow you to clarify your condition and needs in the best service.
  • Tell the Doctor whether they can provide a Proof of Protection or Mental Health Application to guarantee that any investors take into account your mental health. This is not anticipated by all companies.

How to re-establish your finances

This is a great step in the right direction, when you are prepared to return to your finances.

If your emotional health has led you to make poor financial decisions and avoid making them, you may take actionable steps to correct them or discourage the same situation from happening again in the future, in case you get low again.

  • You can delete the right to auto-fill your card information if you have purchased something that you regret online. You can skip the move by getting your card and suggest purchasing
  • Scrap out credit cards if you consider them difficult to manage.
  • Build a schedule for your living expenses – a budget manager needs just a few minutes to set up by the Money Advice Service. And you will be in control of the savings in advance.
  • Instead of saving some money for occasions when you cannot rely on investing. Build this into the plan and for those difficult times you’ll have some financial cushion.


Whether you’re struggling for cash or mental health or a representative or acquaintance of your family, you can do a lot of practical stuff. The main thing is to be open to lenders and service providers and to try and keep up the cash if you feel good.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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