5 Promising Ways to bring investors to your business



There are several approaches to attracting investors to start-up businesses. When conventional funding sources become scarce, small businesses frequently turn to investors for assistance in obtaining critical funds that keep them afloat.

Until investing, funding sources such as venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate investors usually analyse companies for unique characteristics.

As an entrepreneur, you can use a variety of approaches to cultivate relationships with investors and persuade them to invest. Continue reading to learn how to draw investors for your business.


1. Investor background check

Individual investors you realise you’ll be contacting may be researched ahead of time to improve relationships. Find out as much as you can about their previous investments, interests, and whether they’ve invested in projects that are similar to yours.

This way, you’ll be better prepared for your meeting and can indirectly assess the investor’s suitability for your business.

You won’t be able to find all of this knowledge on all of your potential investors, so learn what you can. Certainly, researching potential investors helps you plan for your meeting and assesses their suitability for your business.

2. The art of Networking

You can market your business ideas in a less formal environment by networking and using “soft selling” techniques.

In reality, many company owners say that social networking at industry events led to many of their investor meetings.

Despite the fact that these conversations are often uncomfortable, people who are interested in your company will continue the discussion.

In most cases, past partnerships have a huge effect on the chances of attracting an investment. Yes, networking and soft selling your business ideas will help you find investors through existing relationships.

3. Startup hubs

Incubators and accelerators for startups are excellent places to find investors and support in return for equity in the company.

Incubators and accelerators provide seed funding, mentorship, materials, and space in exchange for a portion of your company.

If accelerators concentrate on mentoring and refinement, incubators are more concerned with making money. There are many company incubators and accelerators in a variety of sectors, and they are also successful due to their extensive benefits.

Startup incubators and accelerators do offer substantial funding and other incentives, but they are extremely competitive and need equity in return.

4. Leveraging Crowd-funding

In recent times, online fundraising and crowdfunding sites have become a common source of funding. They’re actually very common among venture investors, banks, and other financial institutions looking for new ways to deploy money.

Many of the main platforms act as peer-to-peer lending platforms, providing business loans to a variety of crowdfunding platforms.

These portals may be funded by donations, debt, or equity. Furthermore, even if you don’t receive many backers or funds from these sites, they are often effective resources for gaining visibility among crowdfunding experts.

Online fundraising and crowdfunding sites, without a doubt, provide novel ways to attract investors and funds.

5. Elevator pitch

Elevator pitches are succinct summaries of company concepts that have a big effect on your ability to attract investors.

For these pitches, the aim is to pique someone’s interest just enough for them to find the concept intriguing, nothing more, nothing less.

This can be completed in around the same amount of time as an elevator journey. Keeping them short also necessitates taking out unnecessary information and distilling the concept to its most basic form.

Set up a real meeting with an investor after you’ve piqued their interest with one of these pitches to discuss the omitted information.


In Summary

There are numerous approaches to attracting investors to your business.

One method is to conduct research on individual investors in order to improve your business relationship while also indirectly assessing their suitability for your company.

Another option is to use different networking and soft selling techniques to capitalize on existing relationships. In return for equity, business incubators and accelerators also include investors and other significant benefits.

Crowdfunding and fundraising sites on the internet include new ways to attract investors as well as increased visibility for the business.

Finally, elevator pitches are a quick and easy way to get your business ideas across to potential investors

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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