12 Ways to know if your business is loosing customers on Facebook


Marketing on Facebook is mounting. 77.6 %of small businesses are using social media to promote their companies, according to recent research.

Facebook is the top choice outlet with 45 percent of small businesses surveyed saying they have a dedicated Facebook account.

The study, which was conducted by market intelligence leader BIA Advisory Services, surveyed 1,000 small businesses during Q3 2016. That’s an improvement of 4 per cent from the previous year.

Those figures aren’t shocking when you add in the number of active regular users recorded by Facebook as 1.62 billion as of September 2019.

Which leaves enough space for branding and growing small businesses. There is, however, a right and wrong way to pursue social media marketing and branding and not all Facebook marketing strategies meet with success.

1. Fewer people see your posts

If your posts have fallen, chances are that your posts will be seen by at least some of your audience. And the problem then becomes “Is your audience skipping your posts.”

For several reasons people are reading business blogs. Maybe it’s about gaining insight into brand, product or service, discovering something different, getting amused, or something else.

However, if you notice that your posts are not being shared or read by your audience, then it could be an invitation to revisit your content — past and current, to decide what worked and what did not. That takes us to the next topic — engagement.

2. Your Engagement with customers has dropped

As Facebook contact decreases, the issue is also varied. Postwording is often the issue. The message often just doesn’t resonate with the intended audience.

There are often too many promotional messages, or too little variety. Including articles and blogs for your website, marketing posts on Facebook need to go beyond sales to add value to your audience.

Unlike longer content, however, postings on social media need to catch the attention of your audience quicker and in fewer terms.

According to Social Pilot, a SaaS social media marketing tool, it is generally best to hold Facebook posts to a maximum of 50 characters to improve interaction.

3. Your posts on Facebook doesn’t provide options


There’s something like “overdoing it,” which is easy to do if you’re just starting out or lacking the experience of social media marketing. It happens with businessmen sometimes too.

Facebook advertisements or promotional material fill out your Facebook profile that includes product or service details, sales, and sometimes new product announcements.

Although this may draw some initial interest, the impact would be short-lived. To raise the impact and create your Facebook marketing brand, you’ll want to add a variety of content to the mix.

4. You are not making it interactive


Speaking of variety, remember how it helps you to interact with your followers and, eventually, your customers.

Depending on the market, a variety that links can include directions, details related to your goods or services — unique ways for a customer to use your goods or why, tell a brand story, include interesting news from the web, graphs, statistics or emerging industry that may interest your consumer or more.

Variety is the spice in your marketing campaigns on Facebook, which allows you to connect more with your fans.

Find something that speaks to your name, products, and services, whether the content is original or curated.

5. Your posts are not being shared


Every one is concerned about sharing your messages, don’t they? The problem is that if nobody shares your posts on Facebook, then your content or marketing strategy can need an assessment and adjustment.

Such posts will likely be more share-worthy than others. Look back at some of your most successful posts to increase your success rate, and decide what stuck out about them.

Do some checking on A / B. The issue may be addressed by rewording the original article, and maybe adding a picture.

6. You are losing followers


And the loss of customers is more literal than the language of the content that you publish. Losing some followers is common, but if they leave in droves then it is time to determine why.

Do your messages match with your name, your goods and your services? Are your messages important to your audience, and add value? If you replied “yes,” then maybe another question is that you don’t draw the right audience.

If you are using paid ads on Facebook, then make sure that you use the analytics tools to identify your target audience. No mark will appeal to everyone.

Concentrate about who the client is. Study what attracts them, what their needs and expectations are, and change the marketing strategy on Facebook accordingly.

If you are using organic marketing on Facebook, then re-evaluate your targeting keywords or hashtags and change them as appropriate.

7. You are not compelling the right audience


The audience you’re targeting will make or break your marketing strategy on Facebook.

Ensure sure the findings are filtered according to the desired consumer preferences. Post content from there which appeals to your audience.

If you’re not gaining momentum yet, study the market and remain on top of trends in the consumer-facing industry.

Tools for social listening will help you understand what your audience is thinking about, what they care about, and what problems they face you may be providing a solution to.

8. No new leads are obtained


Irrespective of how much you post, if you still don’t gain new leads, take a step back and assess your cover image and your content.

A succinct cover picture will show what your company is all about, include a clear call-to-action and your logo, according to Social Media Examiner. Clarity results in more leads.

Your material is another factor. Avoid forms of content that are hard-selling, and then drive leads with content that provides useful information to your clients.

9. Your backlinks are underperforming


If your Facebook page isn’t the problem, your backlinks may not be performing as planned. It takes time and careful preparation to set up a network of backlinks.

While it’s important to include backlinks in some of your Facebook marketing posts, to really gain momentum, you’ll need to move beyond the social network.

If you have not already done so, consider posting guests on websites which are important to your company or industry.

On the social search engine, Quora, you could also answer appropriate, audience-generated questions — just make sure your response is substantive and provides insight and authority.

10. Your Facebook Marketing ads are not getting any sales


Just as backlinks can underperform, so can marketing advertising on Facebook too. Do not turn off your sets of advertisements too early.

That is a common mistake. Note, it takes time for advertisements to hit a large audience. Obtain a target for your ad to hit a certain number of users, including ad optimization, before making any adjustments.

Look even at the conversions individually, not the total conversion, to assess the actual cost per conversion.

The overall conversion can not give you an accurate picture of your ad results, especially if you’re monitoring more than one conversion sort.

11. Your website doesn’t appear on first-page search results


Speaking of Facebook marketing conversions, the same general concept applies to funneling traffic to your website from your Facebook posts.

It is another place you can track if you use Facebook advertising to attract visits to the landing page.

If not, organic means will still get you there, but with your articles you’ll need to be a bit more imaginative and not sell outright.

Some businesses have gained traffic by leading to a famous blog post or an interesting landing page.

Will you have any special deals or activities coming up? This could be one possibility for having a backlink and creating more traffic.

Another could be a new product, or the latest research report or blog post from your company. To keep your marketing campaigns exciting for your audience, blend it to variety.

12. You don’t receive positive influencer PR

Positive PR can do a lot to build a company so it matters how you get it. Facebook ads can only do so much.

You will need to venture outside the limits of your Facebook posts to explore other channels, such as HARO or helpareporterout.com, to achieve any positive PR.

HARO will link you with writers who are searching for interviews or quotes from experts or opinions that they can include in the articles they publish.

In exchange, your name and business receive an honorable mention, and a backlink to your website if the article is digital.

For some positive PR, it is a chance for you to lend your industry knowledge.

If the digital article is written, always ask the writer to provide you with a copy of the live connection. You can then promote the article on your Facebook page and on your website.

Don’t forget to comment on the post to announce why you’re sharing to your family.

In Summary


It’s natural to lose some customers or followers on Facebook from time to time. It continues to happen all the time.

Some people might not like your Facebook profile, because it’s not a checked account.

Verification of a Facebook page is simple and easy. Several citizens leave and others join in.

Even if you lose huge numbers of customers and regularly, that doesn’t mean the end for your Facebook marketing campaign.

Alternatively, re-evaluate what you are doing at the moment vs what you might do.

Marketing strategies are to be assessed, checked, calculated and modified periodically. A successful marketing campaign requires a lot of know-how about the work and marketing.

If the time or expertise is lacking, consider contacting a professional marketer with proven skills to handle the tasks.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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