10 Different Ways to make money using Amazon


Don’t worry, if you’re concerned you missed the e-commerce boat. It is just going.


In my experience the best way to make money online with Amazon, while a range of e-commerce companies including Ebay, Shopify, ClickFunnels and Etsy can simplify online sales.


For those who want to join the e-commerce world, Amazon is a huge chance. Year after year, Amazon is witnessing 25% to 31% growth, shattering rivals like Ebay which are only seeing growth in one digit.

There are lots of great ways to make money on Amazon, so that you can figure out what approach would be the right way to work for you, I will be giving you 10 ways to go about it.

1. Sell your own private label product on Amazon

Private label purchases using the Amazon network Fulfillment-by-Amazon (or FBA) remain the best way to raise funds using Amazon


Private labeling is a process by which a pre-existing item is made (preferably with product improvement), branded products and logos are put on and sold to consumers. It is sometimes referred to as white labeling or branding. Target’s Mainstays Brand and Walmart’s Great Value are two examples of private label brands.) (The procedure has been around for many years and is common in countless retail stores).

Thanks to FBA, Amazon can deliver your products (usually in two days or less-what you probably know as Amazon Prime). That’s how owners of e-commerce businesses — like you and me — can list goods on Amazon and make sales money.

2. Leveraging Kindle Direct Publishing

You are allowed to publish your own books on Amazon by Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and this is my second favorite way of earning money from Amazon. And then again in addition to the digital format, you can print out actual copies of your book. (But that’s probably because I am a professional writer.) CreateSpace from Amazon prints on request!

The only catch with this option is that in order to be successful you usually need to write a bit prolifically. Though one or two wildly popular books may be published, volume is the publishing game’s true name.


The more you write, the more you produce

3. Sell goods on Wholesale

Similar to Private Label, wholesale selling involves buying bulk product quantities to sell using Amazon’s FBA network.


The main difference, though, is that you’re selling products from other companies. So you don’t have to worry about fabricating and branding the products.


It is one of the most popular ways for a lot of sellers to make money on Amazon.

4. Provide delivery services for Amazon

You probably know by now that Amazon has their own delivery service. Yet did you know that Amazon’s distribution fleet can be joined as a driver?


They could even be paying you $10,000 to start!


The Flex program at Amazon enables you to do just that. All you need to do is answer a fast questionnaire, download their app and start making money if you’re accepted.


Speak of it as Uber, but on deliveries to Amazon.

5. Offer your services through blogging

Have you ever wanted to start a blog on lifestyle, publish videos or recipes or get your thoughts and ideas published elsewhere? While doing so, you can make money from Amazon!


Just picture it. On Amazon, you find a cool product, send the link to your friends, and –if they buy it–you get paid a commission. This link goes out to quite a few more folks on your blog (or social media page or even in email), so you can make a bit more money in commissions. That’s how Amazon’s Associates program works.


Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that allows you to sign up to get special links you can share only.


Once you share the link, and you make a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale.

6. Leveraging the Arbitrage method

Basically, you go to a retail store like Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble and so on to find and buy discounted products for arbitrage. Then, at a markup, you’ll resell those items on Amazon.


Using this method many people start their Amazon selling journey.

7. Buy products on E-Bay and sell on Amazon

Frankly, I was never a big fan of retail arbitration. For very small return it feels like a lot of work.


I do enjoy online arbitration, however, which is very similar to retail arbitration.


What’s different is that arbitrage online means you buy products from other e-commerce stores to flip on Amazon.


And Ebay is, to my mind, the best place to find those products.

8. Work as an Amazon rep from home

Amazon is fast becoming one of the world’s largest employers. Amazon now has approximately 650,000 employees after its purchase of Whole Foods in 2017.


Not all these workers are of course working at Amazon’s Seattle, Washington headquarters.


Indeed, many of Amazon’s staff are remote staff working from their own homes.

9. Create your own product and sell on Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is the place for you if you are creative!


Amazon Handmade only offers craftsmen the opportunity to produce their own goods and sell them on the Platform of Amazon.


This approach obviously requires a little more work to keep up with your orders because you would create them yourself. However, Amazon has a massive exposure to your brand.


Amazon Handmade can really make your unique products discovered by a broad public.

10. Do seasonal work for Amazon using CamperForce

Were you aware that Amazon has a full-time RV force which helps with the rushes of season?


It’s called CamperForce and unites an enthusiastic RV community. In short, you can drive the whole country, work quickly, be paid and go to your next RV vacation destination in an Amazon warehouse.


Based on your availability, and from a number of locations, you can choose your assignments as a CamperForce partner. The tasks related to picking, packing, storage, and receiving are covered.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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