4 Ways to make money from driving a car


If you have access to a fairly trustworthy vehicle, then congratulations! A decent car is the greatest asset that most Americans own, other than their homes. I’ve seen some people actually trying to raise quick cash by selling their cars.


What you may not know, however, is that there are many other ways to make money with your vehicle. If you’ve got a car and don’t mind running it around then every month you’re well on your way to making hundreds of dollars on the side.


This has been the case for decades— a paper route or a pizza delivery job has always meant using your own wheels— but the app-based gig economy and the Internet have now greatly increased the potential to get paid to drive your own car

Here are some of the easiest ways to start earning money driving your car today without further ado.

1. Ridesharing


Uber is no longer a new company — it’s still the biggest ridesharing operator around since 2009. The rival, Uber, which operates since 2012, has a reputation for being a little more accessible to prospective drivers. Nonetheless, many people keep both apps open as a way to more efficiently make money.


Uber and Lyft have their downsides— you can bring a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle, for example, and there’s some troubling evidence that safe drivers earn less on the apps than people who speed up— but there’s no question that if you have the right kind of car and a clean driving record, they’re really fast, secure ways to make money driving your car.

These might be particularly good if you’re willing to drive in busy areas of major cities on Friday and Saturday nights, or during rush hour. You get paid per minute and per mile (and there’s typically a base fare), but just how much will depend on what time of day it’s because of the “upward scale” that costs riders more during busy times of the day.


In addition to state-by-state regulations, both Uber and Lyft have rather strict requirements for what type of car they may have: it has to be a smaller car with four doors, for example.

2. App-based Delivery


Today, everyone wants food directly to their door and other items! You can spend time listening to music while moving food from restaurant to house if you are willing to put in your work instead. Of course, the planning is flexible-you decide not to be assigned to a manager when you sign up for delivery.


Uber Eats is one of the best-known delivery services. Instead of people, you can deliver food!


DoorDash is another excellent service for those whose vehicles can not meet the requirements of Uber and Lyft. You just need 18 with a smooth record of driving. Food and other items from local stores are delivered. You get paid by delivery with DoorDash and hold tips as well.

One great thing about DoorDash: even when business is slow enough that you wouldn’t otherwise make it, you are guaranteed at least $10 an hour! The average salary is between $10 and $20 everywhere and up to $25 an hour. Plus, my current favorite food service is DoorDash as a customer.


You might try Tapingo, which focuses on campus distribution, if you’re a college student. If not, you have quite a legion of choices!


Seamless and grubhub are restaurant delivery services (if you drive to one, you drive to both!). You just have to schedule a block of time, then follow the instructions of the app to pick up and drop food from various restaurants.

Instacart might be an excellent choice if you are willing to do something else than just take prepaid orders and drop them off. For those who use your app, you go shopping and then leave your food at home with your car. Based on the busy business you want to operate, you can make 10 to 25 dollars an hour.


Postmates, at last, have recently become very popular. The service offers you a pre-paid pass, which you can use in order to purchase something people have ordered. People could order food, but they could also want garden tools, clothes, cleaning, jewelry, or nearly anything you can imagine! You earn quick payments— in one week by direct deposit.

3. Rent your car


One of the annoying things about binding money in major assets like a house or a car is that they often “sit down” while you don’t use them actively. Airbnb helps you to make use of unused bedrooms and with your car you can do the same.


Turo is another Airbnb-style car rental service. The car must be clean and be under 130,000 miles from 2005 or older. On the web, you can put some basics into a fun calculator to find out how much you can gain.

For instance, Getaround allows you to rent your car when otherwise it is parked— so that you can not only avoid parking charges but make money! Getaround pays insurance, vets and installs a system for people to be enabled without the key in your vehicle.


How much you can get depends on how good your car is, however thousands of dollars a year could be. (So if you’ve got a good car you can rent it for drivers without using it yourself) (Getaround pays out 40% of the rental fees and you get 60% of the rental once a month). HyreCar allows the Uber / Lyft drivers to rent your car.

4. Advertising


But what about you if you can make money by normally driving your car? It turns out you can make a considerable amount of advertising if you are prepared to put on your car. Wrapify is a service based on applications which enables you to connect to potential advertisers.


When you’ve registered and downloaded the app, the service logs are available for some time. It will then pair you with a local or national company campaign and wrap you up your car partially or completely (don’t worry— the wraps will be reusable and will not harm your vehicle). You will receive between $100 and $450 a month depending on your vehicle, your venue, and how much your car is insured.


Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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