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The foundation on which wealth is founded is an automatic investment plan. Every week, even when overwhelmed by life, the mental discharge of part of your pay check will keep your plan on track. Here are the automatic investment how and why.

If you’re not automating the majority of your finances–when you choose to spend a couple of hours a month paying bills, transferring money to savings or checkbook balance is all right.

For this kind of monitoring many people would lose time. Nonetheless, robotic investments should still be considered.

Many of us postpone (or do not start at all) investing because either we get overwhelmed or fear danger. The investment plan can be beneficial automatically.

One of the strategies I discuss in this report involves zero investment knowledge— as simple as opening a bank account.

And you’ll take your emotions out of investment when investing in auto pilot systems that can mitigate your fear— or at least limit the ability of fear to cost you money. Let’s see how this is achieved by an automated investment plan.

Averaging dollar costs

The strategy for the purchasing of a fixed amount at regular intervals is known as an aggregate of dollar costs (rather than an irregularly large amount of cash).

You would own 10 stocks if you had to buy $1,000 from a common fund at $100 a share price.

But you can end up with more than 10 acts depending on the value of the stock by spending $100 a month for ten months and prices vary from $80 to $120.

When the demand rises, you will eventually buy more shares at a lower price than you would have invested in a lump sum.

Dollar averaging advocates say that this reduces risk, but critics disagree. In the long term, the market is going up, so you want cash as quickly as possible.

If you’ve got a lump sum that you want to spend in, do that. Get it on the market and don’t panic if it is distributed and certainly don’t try to time and wait for the moment.

For two reasons, an automatic investment plan is meaningful:

  1. This allows you to invest on an ongoing basis.
  2. This stops auto sabotage.

As soon as you get paid, invest it

Ask those who excel in investing and building wealth and many of them have two things in common:

  1. Instead of putting all your money on a bank account, they invest
  2. They pay themselves as soon they make money

I have suggested you first pay as an emergency cash savings technique and can do the same with your investments.

You can make this easy through an automatic payroll deduction by providing a 401(k) or equivalent pension scheme.

In addition to money you transfer to the savings account, else you can start a Roth IRA or start making daily payday contributions.

Prevent sabotage of oneself

You can’t count on commitment to accomplish your financial objectives.

You could fall and fight for a moment to splurge at the mall or bet on a warm inventory tip. But you will finally get the best of your emotions.

After a rough week, you can calm your nerves with an exhaust. Or fear and delay investment in the market in a volatile month.

Automatic portfolio setup for investment

Almost each mutual fund company or online stock brokering company enables the set-up, whether in an IRA or a non-retirement account, of automatic investments in mutual funds.

Most of the time you sign up for an automatic investment plan you waive minimum investment requirements.

That’s how it functions:

You automatically transfer your investment account from your bank account to your investment account.

The mutual fund(s) that you choose to invest in and your money is invested automatically at the current market value.

Investment directly in a mutual fund company (for example, through Vanguard, or Fidelity, to purchase Vanguard funds) is essential to keep automatically inexpensive investment in order to prevent the fee of a trade commission on a monthly basis.

Additionally, some robo consultants such as M1 Finance allow you to invest automatically without additional fees. With the M1 Finance system, the money can also be deposited in your account on a quarterly, bi-monthly or weekly basis.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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