5 factors to consider while getting a legal license for your music business


There are many considerations that come with running a business. One of the important ones is if you like soothing music playing in the background while visiting customers.

While this seems like a great idea, before playing music on your property you must consider the licensing you ‘d need to.

Many company owners are unaware of this rule and caught off-guard when faced with litigation.

Getting licensed to play music depends on how much property you own, and whether live performances are available.

However, inspiring the workers is an excellent workplace addition when music is approved and authorized.

Until obtaining music licenses for your business, therefore, as business owners and entrepreneurs, follow these important criteria to make.

1. Find out what is legal to play without a license

As mentioned, certain conditions may exempt you from obtaining a business license.

Identifying these would be helpful as you would be saving a great deal of time and money on getting one.

Generally, if you’re within a range of 2,000 square feet, you can play your music using a home-held computer such as a radio or television.

However, if you have a live band playing for entertainment to customers, and you charge them for it, you may have to pay for a license.

The easiest option, however, is to get a trained lawyer to decide what your company can do without a music licence.

2. Find out how much it takes to be licensed

In addition to the overall cost of obtaining a music license for your company, there are other individual costs to consider as well.

For example, you would want to know how much it will cost to have live performance on the premises, whether you only want to play music for your employees or have one-time performance by a popular musician.

Make sure you calculate the entire cost of acquiring a music licence

3. Find out how many PROs to register with

There are various music licensing PROs that register your company.

A critical decision to make before you get licensed is which particular PRO represents the music you are interested in best.

Different PRO’s record different artists.

Therefore, each Organization differs in cost. It can get a little complicated though when multiple artists play music in your business.

You will need to register with more than one PRO in such a scenario.

Try registering with the variety of Performance Rights Organizations when receiving music licenses.

4. Consequences of not getting licensed

When you don’t have a music license to play music at your business place, the only thing that happens is that you incur lawsuits for breaches.

If your property does not fall under the exemption guidelines, and you are caught playing music without registering with a PRO, it is possible that they will take matters to court.

The harm may have cost between $700 and $150,000 everywhere. Only play licensed music, to stop this.

Understand the full spectrum of consequences of not licensing music before spending on getting it.

5. Think about the purpose of music in your business

In the end, you have to ask yourself about the need to play music while running business.

It is necessary in many situations. For starters, restaurants need music to make their customers feel good.

For certain cases, though, you can stop playing music and being paid for a license.

If this is strictly for entertainment purposes, you might want to think about how you can save the cost of the music license and use it elsewhere in your business.

Please accept extra fees for reasons of playing music all day long.

For instance the need to buy office noise cancelation materials or stereo equipment.

In Summary

It can be uplifting and a mood-setter to have music playing in the background of your company. However, the same thing will get difficult when you decide to get a music licence.

Ask if, by assessing the market size and outpouring of customers, you can play comfortably without a licence.

Get the PROs know-how to sign music that you like and reduce costs.

Understand the ramifications of not getting licensed.

In the end, however, challenge the need to have music at your workplace and make a sound decision.

Find the positive and negative elements of the music at the school.

Some company owners believe that it is worth inspiring workers while others claim that it’s a diversion.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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