6 Ways to Operate a Paperless solo Business


The operation of a paperless solo business has many edges. Not solely will paper take time to method and store physical area, however it should conjointly contain sensitive info that puts you or your shoppers in danger.

These tips can assist you with success operate a paperless solo business

1. Request for softcopy documents

Find out if you’ll convert it into a digital document any time you receive paper mail. after you have a web account, most monetary and repair work, like bank statements, Mastercard bills, insurance documents, and phone bills, may be translated into e-documents.


When selecting e-statements and e-bills, some businesses conjointly provide edges, like waiving account fees or qualifying for rewards.

2. Do Payments on-line

It’s time to create all of your outgoing business papers paperless, too, if you’re already writing and mailing paper checks. Not solely area unit paper checks pricey and unreliable, however at the causation or receiving finish, a criminal would possibly steal them.

Many banks provide a free bill payment to any corporation or individual with an address. wherever necessary, the bank transfers funds electronically, or prints and mails a free paper check on your behalf. It couldn’t are any further convenient! and, to gather your e-bills, you may approve your bill pay portal and inform you of future due dates so nothing falls through the cracks.

3. Have a secured digital storage

For a restricted amount of your time, your monetary establishments will solely offer free access to online records. To transfer documents in a while, confirm that you simply perceive their policies or doable fees.

It is simple to try to do if you wish to store your digital documents. Throughout the year, you’ll scan statements and bills or take pictures of receipts.

You’ll need to stay them ordered and safe till you’ve got company e-documents. think about making a structure with a primary business folder and sub-folders on your pc. Use file names that embody the year, month, and class for your papers, therefore it’s easy to seek out what you would like in a while.

By having a secret to accessing your main business folder, you’ll add a layer of security. And forever upgrade to avert cybercriminals your OS and security applications.

And confirm to store necessary e-documents in several locations, so in a very disaster or pc crash, they cannot wander off.

4. Use Unsophisticated Scanners

A free scanning app, like Adobe Scan or Genius Scan, is that the easiest method to digitalize paper documents. These tools have wonderful options you’ll management from your smartphone, as well as multi-page scans, text recognition, editing, storage, and commerce.


It may have an integral flatbed scanner if you’ve got a printer, however, you will realize it a lot of convenient to use a scanning app. usually, the scan apps integrate with different apps, therefore you’ll file e-documents instantly wherever you wish.

5. Use Electronic mediums for signatures

To sign them, there isn’t any have to be compelled to print out contracts or extended papers. it’s wrongfully binding to submit or receive e-signatures and permits you to try to do business from anyplace.


Try AN e-signature computer code like Adobe or DocuSign that enables you to sign documents on totally different devices and operational systems. They monitor the standing of actions needed, cipher info, and may even store your documents.

6. Grasp the documents to stay

There are also some paper records that you simply have to be compelled to hold, betting on the business, like legal documents with original seals and signatures, automotive titles, and property deeds. consult a professional if you are not certain.


Notice that the government agency permits you, and everyone supporting documentation, to carry digital copies of tax returns.

In addition to saving trees and liberating up a lot of workplace areas, business productivity may be improved by going digital. A paperless system streamlines the operations, makes it simple for groups to speak, and enhances the client’s expertise.


You’ll feel good regarding saving time and cash when having to open up an important file cabinet once more once you’ve got lightened your incoming and outgoing paper load.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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