How to start a Peacock farming business and make huge profits


Peacock farming business might not be so common in Nigeria but it’s a very lucrative investment in agribusiness that you can venture into.

Peafowl includes peacocks as well as peahens that belong to the pheasant family. People have always liked eggs and meat from birds over the years.

Since many people are aware of poultry farming in Nigeria, this means that the peacock farming sector is not necessarily a new venture.

If you are interested in going into poultry farming; a green and very promising business, then you should consider starting a peacock cum peafowl farming company.

Peacock farming may be one of the latest and less expensive bird-related farms an entrepreneur may start but that doesn’t rule out the fact that it may be difficult at times.

To maximize profits with your peacock farming company, you need to learn the process of helping your peafowl lay and hatch their eggs, and then mature their young ones.

If the peacocks are good – groomed, they will take part in animal circus shows and similar sports.

You may sometimes equate poultry farming with chickens rearing, but it definitely goes beyond that. Poultry Farming includes the rearing of chickens, quails, pigeons, guinea fowls, peafowl, turkey and many other domesticated animals.

You can also see that peacock farming is a part of the poultry farming sector.

There are different explanations why people raise domestic birds for beautification, etc., ranging from their meat to eggs.

There are things that you just need to know before you start breeding the peacocks for commercial purposes.

This article gives you the necessary information on how to start your Nigerian peacock farming business.

Peacock raising is not completely different from chicken farming although the distinction is small.

Why should you make any investment in the Peacock farming business

You may want to know why the breeding of peacocks in Nigeria is a successful commercial enterprise.

It is very lucrative to raise peacocks for commercial purposes, particularly when you consider the high demand for the bird on the international and local markets.

Peacock agriculture sector is a perfect way to earn big cash returns.

Peacock meat is also very delicious, nutritious and so is the egg. Peacock meat is not readily available in Nigeria at the moment in Nigeria and this has made the meat very costly.

If you are now venturing into the peacock farming industry, there are very high chances that you will probably monopolize the market.

This is because the number of peacock farmers in Nigeria is very limited.

Though there are lots of poultry farmers in Nigeria today, chickens, turkeys, ducks, quails, guinea fowls are the main target of these farmers.

In Nigeria this has made commercial peacock farming a fairly new activity.

Besides their meat and eggs, the feathers of peacock are often considered to be of great local and foreign importance.

What do you need to do to start your own Peacock farming business in Nigeria

There are things you have to know before you start breeding the peacocks for commercial purposes in Nigeria. You don’t just wake up and run into Nigeria collecting peacocks for sale.

It is very important that you do your due diligence in order to understand the company pros and cons. Below are some of the criteria for starting a Nigerian peacock farming business:

1. Carry our your Economic analysis

If you are considering starting a peacock farming business, you just need to get your costing cum economic analysis correct if your aim to develop the company is to generate income, grow the business and probably expand the business and start exporting live peacocks and feathers within your country.

You just have to critically analyze these main factors when doing costing and economic analysis for your peacock farming business; market access, access to feed, access to medicines, access to cheap labor and of course good climatic conditions.

As a matter of fact, when running your company, you will have to continue to revisit those main factors.

As a peacock farm owner, you just need to have a good view of the business environment if you really want to optimize profits and be at the industry frontline.

It is important to remember that drug and feed costs are some of the most significant factors that contribute to the overall cost of operating a peacock farming business and should be considered a major factor in performing the costing and economic analysis.

2. Peacock farming business plan

If you just want to raise a couple of peacocks for fun, then you wouldn’t need a business plan. You definitely need a well written business plan for the commercial peacock farming company.

Your business strategy will help you understand the competition while you conduct market analysis within the strategy.

Another way that the business plan can benefit you is by having government access to agricultural loans.

Aside from government, if you don’t have a comprehensive business plan, no commercial bank or private investor would pay attention to that.

3. Start your peacock farming business from scratch or buying a franchise

When starting a business of this kind it will pay you to start from scratch as opposed to buying a franchise.

However, from the available research carried out, there is no established franchising peacock farm in the United States of America; most players in this industry follow strategies that will help them market their peacocks, eggs and feathers outside the region, state or nation where their peacock farm is domiciled.

Besides, starting and operating a peacock farming business from scratch is simpler without relying on a established brand name.

People should patronize your company as opposed to depending on a brand name, based on accessibility and pricing.

Please notice that most of the productive peacock farms around started from scratch and were able to develop a strong brand of company.

To achieve business success it takes commitment, hard work and determination.

4. Selecting the breeds of Peacock you want to raise

There are three main peafowl breeds, with different hybrids or crosses. Any of these breeds include the indian blue, black shoulder, bronze bufford, green peafowl, white, pied, etc.

The Blue Indian is the most commonly reared breed. It is very important that you pick the specific breed before you venture into the peacock farming business.

5. Building an habitat for your peacocks


You may opt to grow your peacock in a pen or let them play freely within a free range. It is best to create a pen for your birds because this will help you keep an eye on the birds.

Keeping your birds in a pen can help monitor the occurrence of an illness.

You need to ensure the birds do have a good ventilation system in place. Providing sheds which are at least 8 feet tall would be really good for you.

6. Making arrangements for the peafowl feeding

The peafowl is an omnivorous bird consuming wheat, rice vegetables, seeds, insects, snail, and so on. Well feeding the peacocks is very important to their production and growth.

You will need to make safe and clean water accessible to the birds everyday. You can supply them with turkey starter feed, boiled chicken eggs, etc. for your peachicks.

7. Marketing them for sale

You may choose to enter the exporting sector or get active in the local market. Peacock feathers are always in enormous demand worldwide, especially in Europe. In Nigeria, for the supply of peacock meat and eggs, you can contact restaurants, eateries, hotels, motels etc.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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