Powerful Ways To Use Business cards


Business cards are one of the most effective ways of networking and a good understanding of how to use it will ultimately serve as a good weapon for networking.

Can you imagine a few 10s to 20s of individuals holding your business card and ready to distribute them to potential customers ? Certainly you can.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be showing you powerful ways to use business cards to ultimately generate a good network of customers, investors,partners and so on.

So therefore, ensure you take your time while reading this post so as to get the best of out it.

Some of the things a business card is capable of doing are as follows

  1. It gives potential users your name and your business name
  2. It also ensures that it indicates ways to contact you
  3. It gives users a feel of your work, personality and style
  4. It creates a brilliant mental image in the memory of the users
  5. It has the ability to be reused as it goes from one individual to another.

The whole essence of your business card is to acquire business from the people that have your card and also to ensure your name reaches out to other people with whom your cards first comes in contact with via referrals.

Having explained a bit on business cards, lets find out some powerful ways to use them.

Make Your Cards Reachable In Every Situation

One of the rules to set for yourself is never to leave your business cards at home when going out.

As a serious business minded person, your card must be everywhere you go, as a cushion, you can have it stock pilled in your office,home, car etc.

This will come in handy in case it skipped your mind to take some while leaving your home.

As an addition to that, ensure you take note of the quantity left so as to know when to reorder as soon as the quantity is low.

In addition to you having those cards readily available, you have to ensure that your partners also have your cards at all times and also keep track of the quantity left with them so as to give them more once the quantity with them begins to finish.


There are a thousand and one avenues for giving out your business cards and making your business public.

Some of these avenues are obvious while some are not so you just have to pay attention to the situation to know when to give your business card out and when not to.

Whenever you are having a one on one meeting with your clients especially a client you haven’t seen in a while or a new one, be sure to always give out your cards so as to keeo in touch with the client afterwards.


Attending conferences and trade shows are good platforms for giving out your business cards.

When attending a trade event, you will receive many business cards either those related to your profession or those not related to but either ways be sure to also give them your business cards in return .

Many at times, whenever you come across a similar business as yours and you exchange business cards, it’s always business partnership that the person is after so always be ready for that.


When communicating with someone especially your potential clients who are far away, it is expected of you to add your business card alongside the letter for you to create a much deeper bond with your clients.

I know that among the numerous ways of using your business cards, i have mentioned a few and i’m sure that you can work with that and get maximum results

Read,share and put to use.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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