4 Ways to promote your Business personally


It can be tricky when trying to promote your business. If you’re in a startup making its first moves across the media landscape, even more so. How do you select media channels from the variety? How do you build a promotional strategy, especially at a tight budget? Where to get started, what to concentrate on and what are the pitfalls you should avoid?

 Check and prepare

1. Write a Document

Statement of the mission, goals and values of your company will help you stay on track, make the right decisions, inspire your team and much more. It’s always best to put it in text rather than just keep it in your head: when you finish with the review and turn to practice it will be extremely helpful.


To do so, answer the following questions: Deal with your project? What are your cornerstones? What kind of service / product are you offering? Why do they support their customers? Which of these are actually the most important to you? What are your weaknesses and strengths?

2. Set promotional goals

What’s your target for now? To raise brand awareness? Building up influence on the market? Showcase the know-how? Boosting traffic on website?


This move will help you figure out what to concentrate on. For example, if the aim is to become an influencer in your field, choosing relevant industry media would be one of the main tasks where you can be featured as an expert. Website traffic boosting can require more work on your website, including but not limited to optimizing ads and SEO -and so on.

3. Know your Market

Find out the target audience. Who do you customer? To which age group are they a member of? How high is its income? Were they hobby? What is the marital status of those? What websites are the most visited, and what social networks are they using? What do they enjoy doing in their spare time?


You’ll get a better understanding of what kind of media they’re reading when you answer these questions. In your marketing, this way, you can rely on these media and better target your audience and in the process also help you promote your business

4. Know your Competitors

Make your list of nearest 3-5 competitors. Research their websites first: what details are they sharing, how are they positioning themselves? How do the strengths and weaknesses you suggested in your statement suit their image? Second, an overview of their role in the media. That media channels are they using to gain greater visibility? Where do they post promotional papers and advertisements?


The main idea of this audit is to find out what works for your competitors, so you can take advantage of these strategies, while creating a unique identity for your company that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Get your business out there on social media

1. Choose your social media wisely

The first step toward your own business promotion is to grow the company’s social networks. Next, pick the network that’s most important to your company. If you are a lawyer or offer consulting services, then Facebook and Linkedln will be your best choice. If your company concerns goods and services–pick Instagram.


Getting a presence on all common social networks is a good thing, but selecting the one to concentrate on most can help you get the most out of your social media promotion.

2. Build a good social image

Pay attention to how and what you share on your homepage: you’re the company’s face. When you deal with media, your social media page will be reviewed by journalists, as will your top managers’ accounts.


My suggestion is to recommend that your workers keep their personal pages up-to-date with their current position and link them to the page of your business. That will lead to accountability, media and consumer trust.

3. Create a Medium account

Medium is a forum for social journalism, with over 60 million active users posting articles on virtually every subject. Anyone can set up an account and have their pieces published absolutely free. The best material is chosen by the curators and the users interested in your subject are recommended. Building the Medium Blog for your business is another great way to reach a wider audience this way.


I suggest that you establish a 2-3, or better, 6-month medium account before entering public room. Start writing your tale ahead of time. The goal is simple: find your channel when a journalist or editor is searching for information about you. And it’ll already have a backstory, readers list, reviews – all of this will build more trust for the project.

4. Keep the conversation non-stop

Comment on posts from other people, and always respond to comments that others add to yours. Share your experience and ask questions, and answer them. It’s a simple way to build and help native links in your region with your consumers, partners and other professionals and also promote your business as an added advantage.


Speak to your followers: get them interested, post polls and questions whenever possible. If you’re really confused on what to post, don’t be afraid to ask your audience what kind of details they’d like to see on your blog. In other words, carry on the conversation. Tag out others where appropriate in your posts. This way the post will probably be seen by their readers too.

 Promote in both digital and analog media.

The next step is to investigate one of the major promotional media: general and specialized media, such as news websites, business magazines, outlets platforms, etc. There are actually hundreds of titles that cover a wide range of subjects. Rely on your target audience and competitors research to choose the ones that are most important to you.

Check out the resources at your disposal

And, in the end, estimate your budget. What amount of money are you willing to spend to promote your business right now? What’s the size of your campaign?


Who will take the responsibility for it? Can you employ a PR boss, or will you assign that role to any of your current staff? You can outsource this role to a qualified communication firm, with a larger budget. Though at the moment, if the budget is a bit tight, you can start alone. There is no way I will cover all facets of PR in a single article or tell you about all promotional platforms. This should, however, be more than enough not only to get you going, but also to make you feel more confident when you try to promote your business.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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