Ram Selling Business in Nigeria


One way to make money in the livestock sector , especially in Nigeria, is through the sale of rams. You’ll be able to make cool profits by starting a ram selling business without even owning a big farm.

The return on investment is, however, higher and quicker than you would expect.

Although the Muslims are the target consumers or customers for this business, there are non-Muslims who like to eat mutton (sheep meat).

During Sallah and other related religious festivals, Muslims slaughter rams, child naming ceremonies, personal consumption and some even give rams to their family and friends as a gift.

So, there is a ready-market for ram for a country like Nigeria.

In reality, some people have observed the opportunities and profits in the ram selling market, they have started and year after year they are reaping the profits.

However, one important thing is that before starting a ram selling enterprise, there are many things to consider. They cover:

1. The viability and suitability analysis of the business should be carried out which is very necessary.

However, if you live where there are fewer Muslims then plan to move your animals to an acceptable market where there is high demand during festive seasons.

2. Ram selling business is a seasonal business where high sales only occur during Islamic festive periods including the Eid-El-Fitri (Sallah) and the Eid-Ul-Adha.

3. Not all Rams have the same morphological characteristics , i.e. there are different breeds ranging from slow-growing to fast-growing breeds; there are also types of dwarf, medium, and moderately tall. The latter demands a price higher than the others.

4.Climate and environment are factors that usually affect sheep, and incidences of diseases such as Kata and other associated diseases may be such.

So it is important to consider both climate and weather before starting.

5. There’s a need to get well-constructed pens to keep your stock and it’s advisable to have one before getting your animal.

How to get rams to Sell in Nigeria

There are two possibilities for getting rams to sell to consumers;

1. Male sheep (rams) and female sheep (ewes) are brought together to produce offspring.

2. Buying from producers / breeders indicated in the previous line.

Advantages of being a ram rearer over being a ram buyer

  1. Prior to the festive season, there is no concerted effort to get rams to market.
  2. There are spaces / pens ready to guard your animals.
  3. Each animal’s origin and age is established.
  4. Cattle breeders can sell cheaper than breeders who buy.
  5. In situations where after-sales vestiges exist, it is easier to return them to the farm until the next festive season.

Advantages of being a ram buyer over being a ram rearer

  1. Starting the business is cheaper because you are not going to raise animals that draw more production costs.
  2. There’s less risk of diseases because you don’t hold for a longer period of time.
  3. You should pick from the breeder’s flock the animals you want to sell; after all, you ‘re going to pay and not for free.
  4. There is no need to wait years to get mature rams to sell; as it will take up to 2-3 years for a breeder to breed a male lamb to a size or weight that is ‘sellable.’
  5. Prospects can select the way they want to get rams based on their personal decision. What’s important is being able to sell good animals.

What are the approaches to use to start a ram selling business

  1. Get a good starting capital.
  2. Build all means to minimize production costs (both procurement and feeding costs)
  3. Get a tidy, spacious house / pen that will hold selected rams for sale.
  4. Feed them well and send them to the market for at least 10 days.

Now if you’ve got your rams already, the next thing is to decide how to get them into the market. You start by surveying the physical market in order to check for possible limitations or competitors.

Note that at the time of your survey all competitors may not be available but for more useful information you can interview people on the marketplace.

Start conveying the rams to the market a few days (probably five days) to the actual day of the festival. Set a price based on the physical look of the animal, such as appeal and weight; consider also the selling price(s) of your competitors.

Take substantial forage grasses or legumes with you, and never overfeed your animals when they are brought to the sales market.

Offer them only a few grasses or legumes but enough water to minimize tension build-up.

A good van which allows enough ventilation is also very important to use.

Any van void of this may cause harm or loss, such as death due to lack of ventilation.

Please note that you must have a very good and concrete relationship with your supplier, as it will give your subsequent business deals a guarantee and favoritism.

This also makes it easier for you to source animals instead of going from one location to another in search of rams for sale during the festive seasons.

Most importantly, never dabble into this business without evaluating the surroundings.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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