How to Rejuvenate Low-Cost Used Office Furniture


Used office furniture can be revitalised in a variety of ways. Reviving secondhand furniture has a significant impact on how your staff and clients see your workplace environment.

The cost of an office makeover, including design, demolition, construction, and completion, is often above $200 per square foot. Repurposed office furniture not only saves money, but it also gives your office a fresh lease on life.

As a business owner, you want your staff to enjoy working in a pleasant environment with useful furniture. We’ll go through how to rejuvenate affordable old office furniture during a renovation in this piece.

1. Office Chair Reupholstering

To refresh your working area, buy cheap old office chairs and reupholster them. To successfully disassemble the chairs, remove the cushion from the seats.

After that, calculate how much fabric you’ll need to wrap around the cushion. Pull the cloth tightly over your cushion and staple it all the way around the bottom.

Cut the excess fabric from your cushion and rebuild your chair at this point. You can get custom parts in bulk to fix broken chairs if you need them.

When reupholstering old office chairs, you can choose from a wide range of materials and colours. You can successfully personalise your office furniture this way.

2. To Refinish Wood Desks, Purchase

To repurpose affordable used office furniture, get wooden desks. Used wood desks are a great, environmentally friendly addition to any office.

In the wood sector, you can frequently discover a company closing down or a professional tradesperson. Refinish desks that are technically solid but don’t look their best to breathe fresh life into the office and improve the aesthetic.

Apply paint remover to an old wooden desk and scrape off the old finish. Then sand the surface smooth, clean the desk, and apply your favourite clear finish coat.

Now it’s time to stain your workstations. Choose a hue that complements the office theme you’re putting together.

3. Make Dining Tables Out of Old Desks

To refresh your office area, buy cheap old desks to turn into dining tables. Another simple idea that will help your office save money is this one.

Any drawers on the desk should be removed and replaced with metal or wooden legs. By sanding off any finishes and keeping the wood, these wooden desks can be refurbished.

Paint your corporate logo or add your company name to the new table to improve the look of your furnishings. Alternatively, cover the table with a glass top.

Then, beneath the glass, place essential, memorable photographs of the company’s accomplishments. A few inexpensive used office desks can be transformed into fantastic dining tables, which is essential for revitalising your room.

4. Use Cubicle Art in the Office

Many business owners, of course, transform existing furniture into intriguing new decorations. Make beautiful office billboards out of old cubicle walls.

Simply hang one on an empty wall and let the rest of the office do the rest. Convert your old file cabinets into plants at the same time. The spare drawers can then be used as floating wall shelves. Repurposing existing office furniture is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

As a result, a little imagination can have a tremendous impact on the furniture design of your office. If you’re stuck, the internet is brimming with fantastic DIY projects that will completely transform your workspace.

Certainly, repurposed furniture can be utilised as decorations to breathe new life into your company’s image.

5. For a fresh look, refurbish old filing cabinets.

Then, to give your office a fresh new look, repurpose old filing cabinets. Old filing equipment may be transformed into rustic cabinets with a little wood, paint, and glue.

Cut pieces of balsa wood to the length of the drawer in the cabinet. After that, stain the wood to your desired colour. Spray paint the filing cabinet and crazy glue the stained balsa after that.

Don’t forget to take out the locks before covering the drawer’s face with wood. As a consequence, you get a highly stylish cabinet with the size and durability of a sturdy metal filing cabinet.

In Summary

For business owners looking to refurbish their office on a budget, used office furniture is a fantastic option.

Old wooden desks can be sanded and refurbished to seem brand new, resulting in a fantastic workstation for your staff.

Reupholstering old office chairs is simple, requiring simply fabric, a staple gun, and scissors. To provide a contemporary style to your office, inexpensive filing cabinets can be painted to look like custom modern-rustic drawers.

A few old desks may be transformed into beautiful bespoke dining tables for your break room, which will help to maintain staff morale and create a fulfilling work environment.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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