Small business geofencing platforms: why you need it


Small business owners constantly search for ways to improve efficiencies. One important solution to achieving this objective is the use of platforms for geofencing.

The technology uses data from sources such as GPS, or Wi-Fi to identify the location of a person.

This allows to set virtual boundaries for small business owners and track a defined population.

The use of geofencing platforms to track employees and customers complies with all applicable privacy laws.

More importantly, the data geofening resources offered for many areas of the company are extremely useful to small business owners.

If you’re interested in why the small business owners need platforms for geofencing, read on for some ideas.

1. Keeps tabs on employees

The data from the geofencing platforms can not only help improve scheduling but also promote accountability.

Knowing your employees’ whereabouts during business hours is crucial to small business owners.

For example , businesses providing delivery service may use the information provided by the geofence technology to keep an eye on their employees.

The software gives an alert when employees enter a designated area and leave it.

This can have a huge effect on the scheduling.

The notifications let you schedule your next delivery and know when to expect your employee to return.

Geofencing platforms are worth exploring solely from an accountability perspective.

But when it comes to monitoring your employees it also saves you time and money.

Consider the importance of geofencing platforms to help you monitor the activities of your small business employees.

2. Helps with Customer retention

Next, you can increase your customer retention with geofencing solutions.

Current customer retention capability is the cornerstone of a successful small business.

You know selling to an current customer is much easier than selling to someone who’s just putting their foot in your shop.

Ideally, your customers visit your business on a regular basis but they may not be in today’s busy world.

Business owners will know when the customer is in the “area” with geofencing platforms.

This is a perimeter you define within the software typically within a few miles of your business.

You may choose to give the customer a letter, coupon or other relevant information.

Business owners using geofencing platforms will therefore position themselves as someone who cares and increase the probability of retention of the customers.

3. Makes brand building easier

It is very effective to use geofencing platforms for marketing areas. As a business owner you know it can be time consuming to build a brand.

The importance of branding is however integral to your business recognition and identity.

The initial brand building set-up includes defining your virtual geography, target audience and messaging.

It’s not quite a process of “setting it and forgetting it,” but it will make it easier to increase brand awareness with less effort on your part.

Furthermore, the time you spend building your brand will be enhanced by geofencing data from the platform.

You must send relevant messages, relevant information or vouchers to your target audience.

All the while retaining the customer’s mind at the forefront of your company.

Simplifying brand building is yet another reason why small business owners need platforms for geofencing.

4. Monitor your competition’s clients

By using the technology on the geofencing platform, you simply define a perimeter around the locations of your competitor. It is a strategy often referred to as “economic conquest.”

Data gathering about the actions of potential buyers enables small business owners to create highly targeted advertisements.

If you’ve thought about growing your customer base, you’ve probably considered doing some kind of competitive analysis.

It is usually a time-consuming process when achieved with the conventional methods.

The best geofencing solutions are the secret to securing consumers from competition by a small business owner.

5. Data collection efficiency

Business owners living in a data-driven world will be delighted with the information that they can gather from geofencing platforms.

Not only will you know when people are close to a specific location but how long they have been in the area.

Of course you understand the importance of collecting user behavior information and enhancing the experience.

You can make better decisions with the right feedback, create new products or tailor your marketing campaigns.

The geofencing platform can also assess the message ‘s effectiveness, allowing you to customize it accordingly.

The data from the collection of geofencing will ultimately increase the efficiency of your company if used correctly.

Marketing platforms for geofencing provide the small business owners with all important data.

Small business owners can track any person using a cell phone with location data enabled by creating virtual limits.

During business hours employees can be monitored which holds them accountable for their whereabouts.

In addition, small business owners may monitor current and future buyers to develop marketing campaigns and raise awareness about the brand.

Consider the points outlined in this post when you next wonder why small business owners need platforms for geofencing

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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