Starting a printing business with low Capital


Have you ever thought of starting a printing business? What do you think it feels like when running a business like this? Do you have an ides of how to run a business especially this type but you are short of cash?

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this article i will be talking about what starting a printing business with a low capital entails.


Starting a business has been one of the aims of every entrepreneur but starting a business with low capital can be much of a challenge for such an entrepreneur.

In this present day and age, this has been one of the challenges every entrepreneur has to face even with already established businesses, there are some projects they cannot undergo on their own instead they will sort after financial institutions for aid so as to carry out the project.

Taking the printing business as the case study for this post, starting this type of business can turn into a really good source of income for you due to it’s lucrative potential.

Running this type of business with low capital plans can bring lots of harm than good to your startup but knowing the right thing to do can help you scale up .


As a business starter, facing challenges shouldn’t be something to shy away from instead it’s something to embrace and look for means to overcome those challenges.

Below are a few of the likely challenges to face

1. High Capital

In this present day and age, running a printing business is more capital intensive especially when starting off because of the cost of getting a printing machine that can do the necessary work knowing fully well aboit the times we live in now.

2. Difficulty in planning

To set up a successful enterprise, planning is a prerequisite. As much as the joy and excitement is there and the so called skill you may have acquired, planning can not be substituted for any of those other things listed above.

A business plan is therefore required to run a successful business but due to the fact that you need to be flexible when making certain decisions about your business, you need to be open minded about some of your plans which means you may have to change them later.

3. Picking a suitable geographical location

Picking the right place for you to set up your business can solve a bulk of your needs as a business in terms of sales and marketing.

Most people select just any environment without full stidy of how such an environment can be of influence to the job they are set to do.


4. Unavailability of important skill

Skills like adope photoshop, aftereffects amd so on can play a major role in determining your value as a business person.

Knowing this can make you recommended.



Starting this kind of business entails a lot of things. Being aware of this will keep you informed as to what work you have before you to accomplish.
To start a printing business below are the things to be done.

1. Have a functioning website

In this present day and age, technology has taken over most things if not all and the first step to scaling your business is by making it known to as many people as you can reach.

On your website, you can display your products, have reviews on previous products already used and a landing page where clients or potential clients can make their requests or complains.

2. Get a virtual office space.

A printing business since it’s capital intensive can be managed well by going for a virtual office with no high cost attached.

Such office should have the basic stuff that can attract and compel potential customers to patronise.

3. Build a name/image

Starting this kind of lucrative business also means that you need to be known and since you are just starting, there are some things you can do to promote your image and awareness.

One of it includes performing services for clients either at a very low cost or for free and also doing a very good job.

4. Delegate

You can’t do everything on your own. You need some sort of assistance in a couple of things and that’s why delegating tasks is very important.

As a business owner with tons of deadlines to meet, you don’t have any other choice than to give your employee(s) to carry out that assignment for you.

5. Marketing

This is a very important aspect that shouldn’t be taken likely. Once you have created your product, you also need to draft out mechanisms by which you can take them successfully to the market and also dominate it.

A good marketing can save your business years of toiling with popularity.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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