The secret to business and life success


The key in life to business and life success is to live in love Staying in love makes you feel like igniting other people, searching inside some, trying to get things done more than others.

A person who is not in love doesn’t feel the desire to step on, guide others and accomplish them. I have no other flame, nothing else in existence that is more fun and meaningful than a feeling of love

1. Wisely pick firms and product / service lines

For those of you who choose to start a new company, or choose a new product or service line to release, everything else is the same, pick the one you are most fond of… To start something is a hard job, and if you like it, you’re going to have the extra fire to make you excel, as Stanford suggests.

Many consumers pick businesses or product / service lines from an opportunity of sales and benefit. You can get the clients always to like it, as they suggest, if you choose on the basis of what you want.

2. Delegate your desires and disappointments.

You have to focus on the facets of your life, not what you’ want’ to do and definitely not what you “unlike” to do, to stay in love. If you deal with customer service problems, for example, and hate to do so, then stop. You likely do a bad job and waste your power which keeps you from doing good things you love.

I realize that is often challenging to do because we have to bear several hats in innovative organizations. But the consequences will be horrible should you fall out of love.

Make a list of 3 things you love, and 3 things you don’t do (right now, when you’re finished this article will still be here). And then make a true attempt, don’t laugh it off; ask someone else to do the stuff that you don’t like doing.

3. Recruit who you like

Sure, for every job we all want the best employee, but how about whether that person really is irritating. At one point or another, we all had irritating friend and worker and these are now cancerous to organizations. You want to work and be happy to visit your team every day. So soon as you lose that passion, your business love will decrease, just as your workers affection will disappear.

4. Share your company with others

As it is said, the grass on the other hand is always greener. What I’m thinking about here is that often, as a businessman, you’re going to think it’s harder for a lot of others. Maybe you’ll think the other contractor has it much easier in another business. Or that it’s handled by that particular honcho.

The truth is that everyone assumes the life of all others is simpler and the business life is therefore very great. Go therefore and explore your work and businesses with other men. A lot of people are going to hear you talk about their hours, clients, managers, staff etc. You can appreciate, and help you stay in love with your company better than you think.

Basically, this is the following Stanford saying that staying in love is essential to success in business and life. Love is such a mighty emotion. It gives us enormous energy and enables us to fight well after the average man has gone. These are the main features of a successful businessman.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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