How Toll-free numbers can help your business


Toll-free numbers are phone numbers which your business customers can call from landlines without incurring long-distance charges.

These can usually be found in hotlines for customer service.

Toll-free numbers encourage more customers to get to your business as opposed to a toll.

Toll-free telephone numbers use a variety of area codes like 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888 and 800.

You’ll learn the importance of getting one in this post. But first:

How to Obtain a Toll-free Phone number?

To obtain a toll-free phone number for your business you need to find an 800 service provider.

There’s a lot of these on the market. A toll-free 800 number does come with a fee, of course.

So business owners like you have to include in their budget the associated fees if they want to get one.

You’ve probably already seen toll-free numbers advertised on websites, business cards, billboards, and commercials, but as a business owner, you ‘re probably still wondering if you really need one or they’re just for big business?

Benefits of Toll-free Business Numbers

The reality is that all companies, whatever their scale, will profit from a toll-free telephone number associated with their company.

It’s safer for your customers , particularly because the last thing you ‘d want is for them to pay just to contact you (if that’s the case, they’ll choose not to contact you instead).

But a toll-free number also gives your business the opportunity to stand out from among your competitors.

An 800 number promotes internal and external communication between yourself and your clients. But that’s not the only use it makes.

Check out other essential benefits of having toll-free company telephone numbers.

1. It helps a Business have a Local and bigger reach

A toll-free telephone number allows a company to be in two locations at once, and to be two companies at once.

Whether you are interested in local customers who are likely to buy from their communities or are after those who prefer a clean corporate image you can target different types of leads.

Toll-free service providers provide various types of toll-free telephone numbers at negligible prices.

That said, no matter where you are situated you will have both a local presence and a national presence.

Such toll-free numbers have in many cases led local businesses to become national businesses.

2. It possess as a Marketing tool

Free telephone numbers may be frivolous numbers such as 1-800-GOT JUNK or 1-800-GARDENS, too. Such figures act as marketing resources for entrepreneurs.

Organizations use these clever combinations of numbers to build business phone numbers which customers do not easily forget.

There is a vanity number at the same price as the usual toll-free numbers.

The best thing to do is to find out if the vanity phone number you are considering is still available on the website of your long-distance or local telephone carrier.

3. Toll-free Numbers are portable

It is easy to port a toll-free phone number from one area to another, or from one carrier to another.

That is a good thing, of course , especially if you have plans to move your business.

So, you don’t have to fear engagement with one telephone provider as long as you’re committed to your business.

Even, whether you travel out of state or even around the world, you can always maintain the relationships you have established with your customers from your first location using the same toll-free business number that you originally had.

4. It makes it easier to communicate with your clients

Toll-free phone numbers, as already mentioned, make it so much easier for your customers to call your business not only because it can be free of charge, but also because your phone number can be easily remembered.

This greatly improves customer service at the company.

That said, they won’t struggle to find your number or to recall it whenever they need your services.

Of course, if you’re just going to use a random phone number, the reverse happens, particularly if they’ve only seen it painted on the side of a car or seen it in a commercial.

5. It fosters customers relations

A toll-free company number strengthens the customer connections. If you can’t get in touch with your customers,

why should they want to continue doing business with your company?

Think about it, would you like to buy from a company you can’t even get a hold of?

What happens when there’s a problem with the product?

Why do you take it back or press for a refund?

Could be used as a customer service hotline with a toll-free phone number.

Your customers need to have a secure telephone number to call if something goes wrong or if they just want to recommend or thank your product or service.

When you provide that kind of comfort to your customers, you will start building trust in your relationship with them, which will eventually become customer loyalty.

In Summary

Toll-free business phone numbers have become a hit, as customers can remember them easily.

Customers will not forget you, especially if it’s a vanity number that you have.

This is how the above advantages become possible. So it can help your business to thrive.

Ultimately, it will only result in one thing – and for your business, that’s increased revenues.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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