Wedding dress rental: a good way to make money


Weddings appear to be planning on becoming more expensive. Couples are having trouble finding ways to save on the big event. Renting a wedding dress rental could make sense.

Please hear me out on this, before you stop reading.

Where planning and paying for a wedding is concerned, couples should spend according to their priorities.

The easiest way to figure out how to budget for a wedding is to discuss what’s most important to you and your spouse in the near future.

Among engaged couples some commonly named top priorities – photography, location, and guest list.

That makes a ton of sense because two things that affect how you feel on your wedding day are where you celebrate, and with whom you celebrate.

And photography, of course, is the tangible reminder of all the fantastic memories that you’ll share on that special day.

The wedding day dress is one thing that doesn’t always rank as high in the priority list.

Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Say Yes to the dress can testify to the fact that wedding dresses can be pretty expensive.

Although there are many affordable wedding dress stores to go shopping these days, in terms of craftsmanship and quality you only get what you pay for.

While some brides-to-be dreamed of their wedding dress for decades, others couldn’t care less about wearing a gown branded as a designer.

Even if you want your dream dress to be at the top of your wedding list, with some savvy bridal hacks you can still achieve the look for less.

Although purchasing a used wedding dress is becoming increasingly popular thanks to a combination of cost-savings and being eco-friendly, there is another way to score your dream dress for less – and that is renting a wedding dress.

Wedding dress rental the go to way to save and make money on a wedding

There are plenty of benefits to enjoy if you opt to rent a wedding dress instead of buying new ones. Let’s count the ways. Find out some of the key benefits of renting a wedding dress below.

1. Score a skilful price on your dream designer dress

If you want to reduce your wedding expense while also scoring a designer dress, renting may be the best choice for you.

Renting is a perfect way without the hefty price tag to donate a designer gown.

Often you can rent out a dress to buy new for a fraction of the original retail price.

Brides to be can now enjoy the cost savings of rental wedding attire that grooms have been afforded for decades – yay for equality!

2, You don’t have to Dry clean it

If you’re paying a nice sum of your dreams for the designer wedding dress, chances are you’ll need it professionally cleaned and preserved to ensure its beauty.

Wedding gowns are fragile – to gather dust for decades, you shouldn’t just stick it in the back of your wardrobe.

You will plan to get your wedding dress professionally dry-cleaned and safeguarded to ensure it maintains its original condition for eternity.

3. You wouldn’t need to store it either

One post-wedding challenge with which brides often grapple is where and how to store their gown after the big day.

If you’re short on storage space (NYC-sized closet, anybody?), then perhaps you won’t want to sacrifice the room for an oversized item you’ll probably never wear again.

Avoid the hassle of reselling or storing your wedding dress by opting to rent it instead.

4. Wedding dresses have a crippling cost-per-wear factor.

Calculating the Cost-Per-Wear when considering buying a clothing item is an excellent rule of thumb to determine whether or not an item is a reasonable investment.

Paying a pretty penny for an item you ‘re only going to wear once doesn’t make any real sense unless it’s something you ‘re planning on reselling after your single-use.

Opting to rent a wedding dress is a far more savvvy and affordable option.

5. Renting will be more affordable than buying new ones.

Renting your wedding dress is a smart, eco-friendly idea for a wedding! The keys to sustainability are recycling, reducing, and reuse.

Wearing a designer dress from a rental company for a wedding dress allows you to reuse an item that has been worn before and will be worn again.

This also allows you to reduce the amount of marriage waste you create, because you don’t make a single-use purchase.

When looking for a rental company that is dedicated to sustainable practices and recycles dresses that are no longer available for rent due to harm or wear, you will take things a step further.

Disadvantages of Wedding dress rental

Of course, for any bride renting isn’t the ideal solution. Renting a gown that should be considered, such as added fees such as shipping costs or security deposits, has some drawbacks.

See the other disadvantages below:

1. You can’t make improvements

Sadly, if you rent it, you won’t be able to make adjustments or improvements to your outfit.

That means it might not fit you as perfectly as a dress you could have tailored to your body. Whether or not this really is a problem depends on several different variables and personal preferences.

You may not want to rent a designer wedding dress if you find that you are typically a kind of lady in-between-sizes and often have to have your clothes adjusted.

2. You won’t be able to pass it down

Are you someone who has always dreamed of having your wedding dress handed over to your future daughter? Of course if you rent it, you won’t be able to do that.

If you’re not buying the robe, you ‘re not getting to wear it.

If you are the overly sentimental kind, renting may not be the best choice.

3. Sizes and option may be difficult to achieve

You may have difficulty finding a particular dress you want in a wide range of sizes from what we have seen from the choices that we have found.

Thanks to the single-item nature of many of the rental sites we’ve visited, you’ll probably find your dream dress in your particular size hard to find.

If you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you’ll reap considerable savings.

If you’re worried about a perfect fit, you ‘re probably better off looking elsewhere.

4. You ‘re not going to get the “bridal experience.”

Unless you find and try in a traditional lounge on your dress first, you probably won’t get the same wedding dress shopping experience you’ve pictured.

Not to mention, your timeline will be very slim for obtaining, wearing and returning the outfit.

Should you opt for a wedding dress rental

The conclusion is, it depends. When you are looking to opt for a rent over buying fresh, you can ask yourself the following questions to help you decide.

Questions to pose while seeking a wedding dress rental:

  • What do you intend to do after your big day with your wedding dress?
  • Is your dream wedding dress expensive?
  • Can you find a dress that you like for rent?
  • Is it worth purchasing a designer gown that you’re only going to wear once?
  • What is the most important element in making the decision for me? Is it the cost, or is it dream dress ?
  • Are there any things that rate higher than a luxury gown on my wedding wishlist?
  • Do you fall between sizes, typically? Is the inability to change your dress a factor?

If you ask yourself these questions and feel inclined to rent over buying, then check out the options below to find a source from which to rent.

Where do you do your wedding dress rental

If you’ve decided the renting process is right for you, you’ll probably wonder where to find rentable wedding dresses.

Where are the best places to borrow a wedding dress? If you’re looking for local wedding gown leasing choices, try searching for Google

“Wedding dress rental companies near me” and see what you’re up to. Choosing an online rental company, however, will likely give you considerable potential options.

We’ve done some Google research and got to consider the following online options – check them out below!

1. Rent the Runway

RTR is well known as a trustworthy company for renting and returning designer clothing, but do you know they have a whole section of wedding-worthy frocks from which you can also choose?

While you are at it, check out their rental accessories range to finish the look of your wedding day! Rent the Runway even offers a Wedding Concierge service that will help you choose your perfect styles.

By having a pre-addressed return shipping sticker, they make it super simple and all you have to do is drop your box in the mail to return your dress.

2. Rentmydress

One way to rent a bridal dress is — the website allows you to search and browse for their collection across several different points.

For a rental there, we spotted dresses as low as $150 although it seems they mention single dresses in a specific size.

You will probably also have to pay a refundable security deposit as well as shipping costs, so the total rental price may not be as savvy as it would appear.

3. Style land

Another option for renting is the StyleLend P2P rental site. Users can upload items to rent out to others from their own closet to earn money for their clothing or accessories.

Although this can work for a cute dress for a bachelorette party or a bridal shower, it may be worth renting an item like a wedding dress from a more reputable source.

If you’re looking for a LWD for an intimate elopement or micro wedding, this could be a good choice


Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons of renting a wedding gown before making your final decision.

If you don’t want to pay a hefty price for a huge white dress that will take up precious space in your closet for years to come, you may be better off renting!

Renting is an excellent option from a purely practical perspective if you are concerned with cost savings, want to avoid aftercare like dry cleaning and storage and if you are not too sentimental or picky.

If you are going to have a traditional bridal shopping experience, you might want to purchase your wedding dress by choosing the more familiar way.

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