Entrepreneurship isn’t just about pursuing a career or getting a job, its more than that , its an endless journey. Before venturing into a business, an entrepreneur should be able to know what he wants and also must be able to answer the following questions.

  1. Why do i want to go into entrepreneurship?
  2. What is my main purpose for living ?
  3. What do i want to get out of life ?
  4. Can having my personal business aid me in achieving this ?
  5. What exactly gives me joy about having my own business?
  6. What kind of venture am i interested in ?
  7. Can i face the risk(s) involved with it ?
  8. What do i have as an advantage?
  9. What do i have as a disadvantage?
  10. How can i overcome them ?
  11. What expenses and benefits are associated with the business?
  12. Where do I want to locate the business ?

One of the questions asked above was ” what kind of venture am i interested in “.

when answering this question, you have to be honest with yourself, you have to understand your personal traits, area of strength and weaknesses among others.

As a successful entrepreneur , you should learn how to be goal oriented and to set objectives that are measurable, verifiable and quantifiable ; goals that are challenging, attainable, self-motivating and achievable.

As an entrepreneur, you should be able to imagine, plan, be flexible in decision making, be a risk taker among other things.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must develop a positive mental attitude towards business and be ready to distinguish your business or service from existing ones by providing products/services that have the attributes of meeting the needs of the environment.

There has to be something unique about your business, however entrepreneurship is not for everybody, its for those with good/positive mental attitude, its not for the critics, grumblers,complainers, murmurers because there will be hard times especially when starting, your positive mental attitude will be the one to continually push you to look past those moments.

To develop your mental attitude positively, there are some things you have to do, they incude :

  1. Being goaland action oriented, you should work for satisfaction and fulfillment in life.
  2. Having the mentality that you are creating value because creating value first brings the profit you desire
  3. Reasoning: learning from the experience of successful entrepreneurs, by reading their biographies, attending business programmes and seminars, listening to their instructions through audio and video tapes.


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