5 Types of Ties Men use when dressing to Work


For business dress code purposes, there are various kinds of men’s dress ties. Ties are a perfect way to turn the bulk of collared shirts into more formal wear.

For many professions and business sectors, this feature is a regular requirement.

By looking at the content, design, and price to optimize professional style and ROI, men determine the standard of any prospective ties.

As a business owner, by introducing the best kind of men’s dress tie for your wardrobe, convey your professional style and efficiency.

Workwear uniforms will also, of course, improve business efficiency. Read on to discover five kinds of company dress ties for men.

1. The Four In Hand

The four in the hand necktie is the most common and popular style of men’s dress tie.

A staple of offices and formal gatherings worldwide is this kind of tie. In a variety of lengths, widths, colors, patterns, and materials, ties of this kind also come.

In different business and formal environments, many of these varieties influence the appropriateness of the tie.

Showing up to a funeral with a bright pink tie, for example, ruins the mood.

Certainly, in business applications, four hand neckties have a huge range and flexibility.

2. Bowties

Bowties are another common type of necktie that add to their formal applications a whimsical element.

Maximize their effect on your wardrobe by matching a suit or tuxedo jacket with them.

As part of more business-casual wear, they may be worn, but they bring a certain quirky impropriety that may or may not conflict with the dress codes of your business.

Sometimes, activities such as dinner parties and weddings are more analogous to the quirky impropriety associated in bowties.

Bowtie business uniforms absolutely offer whimsical, eccentric ways of presenting yourself, but they may not mesh with your company’s dress codes.

3. Cravats & Ascots

The forefathers of modern neck and bowties are the Cravats and Ascots. Although the word ‘cravat’ may refer to anything worn around the neck, when they say ‘cravat,’ most individuals refer to ascots.

Ascots are typically a type of formal necktie worn with a pin.

For business-casual and slightly informal occasions, these were once popular, fashionable accessories, but now are rarely seen.

Wearing an ascot/cravat gives a distinguished, traditionally oriented look in this way.

Of course, ascots and cravats add a special, retro touch to your attire for company.

4. Patterns with Solid Colors

Consider solid color patterns when selecting a dress tie, since they are the most flexible.

By pairing well with other colors, darker colors and shades such as blue, green and purple have the most versatility.

To optimize this flexibility, keep their patterns smooth and matt.

Most shades, however, are perfect pairs for your wardrobe, depending on your dress code for your office.

Stricter codes tend to limit you to the above-mentioned darker colors, and more relaxed codes of dress allow more variation.

Strong color patterns certainly provide your dress ties with the highest degree of flexibility.

5. Knit ties

Knit ties strike a balance between formal and informal, making them the ideal casual tie for business.

Knit ties often maintain different shapes, such as flat square ends, than typical neckties. In addition, their knit nature makes them less stiff than basic neckties, typically made of silk.

This way, knit ties deliver elevations in outfit formality, albeit to a lesser degree than silk neckties.

To maximize its versatility, pick a solid color for your knit tie. Ignore trends as they can draw attention to themselves, even basic ones.

Knit ties, of course, for business-causal applications, offer the ideal balance between formality and casualness.

In Summary

There are a myriad of types of men’s business dress ties. In company applications, one such type, four in hand neckties, offers massive variety and versatility.

Another, the bowtie, offers many ways for presenting yourself, but most business dress codes can not match well.

Ascots and cravats still offer ways to express yourself, albeit in retro styles that pay tribute to the past.

Holding a strong pattern of color maximizes the flexibility of whatever category of tie you select.

Finally, for business-casual dress codes, knit ties offer a perfect balance between formality and casualness.

Consider the styles mentioned above while looking for forms of men’s dress ties for company.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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